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Coquito (Puerto Rican Holiday Coconut Nog)

traditional authentic puerto rican coquito beverage recipe

Bring Christmas in Puerto Rico to your home with this creamy traditional coquito recipe! This savory coconut and white rum drink mix is perfect for those big family holiday parties! 

traditional authentic puerto rican coquito beverage recipe

What is Coquito? 

Coquito is a traditional Puerto Rican drink that is usually made for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is sometimes referred to as “Puerto Rican Eggnog”. However, this recipe is the egg-less version, making this not an eggnog. The main ingredient in authentic coquito is the coconut which is always required no matter what Puerto Rican recipe you follow.

Also, this boozy holiday beverage is made with white rum. Everyone has their preference on brands of rum, but Don Q or Barcadi white rum is used for traditional coquito. Palo Viejo (same brand owner of Don Q) is very hard to find if you don’t live in Florida or Puerto Rico but will make your cocktail very authentic to the island’s version.

On another note, a lot of people ask if coquito can be made without alcohol? Yes, your kids (or if you’re not old enough to purchase alcohol) can enjoy this delicious coconut beverage since the rum isn’t really the main star of this recipe.

traditional authentic puerto rican coquito beverage recipe

Are Eggs Essential to Coquito?

After many families of the island pass down this recipe, it is slightly made different from a preference perspective. Since there really isn’t a true “origin” of the traditional coquito recipe, many people often argue if this recipe requires eggs. Well, if you are making eggnog then yes, an egg is required for this drink to be considered “eggnog”. Eggs do not make or break the authentic coquito recipe. Some people like the eggnog taste and some people just can’t stand eggs period.

In my opinion, this Puerto Rican Christmas drink is way more delicious without the eggs and is stored fresh in the refrigerator longer than it’s eggnog counterpart. So lets please put this debate behind us and just make whatever version suits your personal taste.

traditional authentic puerto rican coquito beverage recipe

Our Egg-Less Coquito Recipe Tips

We have some tips that we follow when making this Caribbean Christmas beverage. If you are making this for multiple people, using the 1 cup or less of white rum is recommended since everyone has their own “alcohol level”. However, 1 cup of white rum is slightly below the level for adults who occasionally drink cocktails. Use your personal taste to add more or less white rum.

Prior to serving, it is best to refrigerate for atleast one hour. Always serve chill and in a low ball glass.

Multiple traditional recipes ask for the optional evaporated milk, also going towards the eggnog approach. Instead, we use an additional can of coconut milk because who doesn’t like more coconut?

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