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Congratulations to Our 2021 Culinary Nutrition Experts!

The 2021 term of the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program has wrapped up and we are unbelievably proud of this year’s incredible community. Our 2021 crew came from across the globe, with over 30 countries represented and everyone had an infinite level of wisdom and inspiration to offer.

The grand finale of the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program, their final assignment, is a 2-hour live class facilitated by our culinary nutrition experts-in-training. This is an opportunity for our students to incorporate all of the skills they’ve learned throughout the semester and share what they know about culinary nutrition with family, friends, or coworkers.

It brings us tremendous joy to hear about how their classes went. Our students often feel:⁠

  • exhilarated⁠
  • totally in their element⁠
  • excited to teach again ⁠
  • proud and affirmed by the praise from their guests and the impact of the class ⁠
  • surprised at how much culinary nutrition knowledge naturally rolled off their tongues ⁠

Our students are always a little nervous about hosting an event, but every year they are filled with elation and gratification after they totally rock it.

We are so proud to share photos of some of our students, of their smiling faces, beautiful food and pride at a job well done!

Karin McLean, Hanover, Massachusetts

2021 culinary nutrition expert

“Had a blast running my workshop! I went into this course thinking, ‘I’ll brush up on my nutrition info and get some ideas for cooking/baking’, but it has been such a pleasure and has given me so much while reminding me why I love it so much. I’m in corporate America and it’s scary to think about walking away from it but through this experience I can see a future with workshops and coaching in it.”

Yolanda Dietrich, Lakewood, California

2021 culinary nutrition expert

“Had my workshop last night on the topic of psoriasis/autoimmune conditions. We had an amazing time and so much food!! I felt so comfortable explaining, but definitely challenging to cook, teach and stay on track. My guests had so many questions. It was a great experience & everyone loved the food!”

Laura Letourneau, Whitby, Ontario

how to become a culinary nutrition expert

“My Cultivating Calm Workshop was a success!! This was way outside my comfort zone but it felt really right, and I felt excited to share everything I’ve learned from this program. Everyone loved all the recipes and learned so much. I had so much fun making everything and teaching. I felt organized and prepared. I even cracked some jokes to lighten the mood. I think one of my love languages must be giving and cooking because it felt so good to be able to give others the gift of good health!”

Nicole Form, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

what is a culinary nutrition expert

“I have to admit I was stressed and worried, but I did approach it from the stance that I truly wanted my participants to feel their time was valued. I did not think of this as my assignment but my opportunity to share with them the incredible knowledge I’ve gained from this course.

I am excited to share that it went amazing. We had so much fun. I presented, we discussed, I demoed – then they all cooked/prepped at individual stations then we met back at the table to discuss what each person made, what they thought of it, changes they made or would make. It was lively and interactive.

Following our class they wanted to create a WhatsApp group for recipe and lifestyle sharing (which we did). I have to give huge kudos to Meghan and her team.”

Megan McNorton, Belle River, Ontario

who is a culinary nutrition expert

“I was nervous when prepping to do the workshop, but I was all good once I got started. I was just excited to inform and teach my people. We had lots of laughs and enjoyed the samples. It was so empowering. I loved it and can’t wait to plan another one.”

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Diana Maria Leon Zuluaga, Bogota, Colombia

culinary nutrition expert program

“Thank you so much everyone! It was a real success!! I enjoy doing this so much

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