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Elevated Wine & Chocolate Pairings for Valentine’s Day

A wine and chocolate pairing is one of the most simple—yet elegant— ways to celebrate love day. This year, if you’re looking for something a bit more elevated than your typical milk and dark chocolate pairings, go for these unique and delicious options.

wine and chocolate pairings with ONEHOPE

Sparkling Almond and Salted Dark Chocolate

The inspiration behind this pairing comes from none other than the sweet-meets-salty Almond Joy. Our CA Almond Sparkling Wine is decadently bubbly and aromatic with notes of toasted almond and a delicately sweet but lingering finish. The flavor contrast of a salted dark chocolate pairing is sure to make your sweetheart swoon.

wine and chocolate pairings with ONEHOPE

Hospitality Cabernet Sauvignon and Raspberry Dark Chocolate

Our Hospitality Cabernet Sauvignon is filled with beautiful mixed berry and vanilla aromatics along with hints of violet and chocolate. We opted for a Raspberry Dark Chocolate pairing for this wine, as the perfectly tart raspberries balance out this rich and ripe Napa Valley inspired Cabernet. 

wine and chocolate pairings with ONEHOPE

Vintner Chardonnay and Hand-Dipped Chocolate Candied Oranges

Our Vintner Chardonnay is layered with vanilla cream and intense citrus aromas. With a pairing of hand-dipped chocolate candied oranges, we’re able to bring out those bright tree fruits of the Chardonnay. This wine is reminiscent of Meyer lemons, pears, opal apples, and Seville oranges and this pairing works to accentuate all of those lovely citrus elements.

wine and chocolate pairings with ONEHOPE

During February, we find that balance means wine in one hand, chocolate in the other. They say all you need is love and we agree. But a little bit of wine and chocolate doesn’t hurt, either.

Head to our website today to purchase your wines and set up your pairing party. Every purchase you make gives back, makes an impact, and helps to nourish the future for generations to come.

With $8 million donated to date, doing good has never tasted so sweet.

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