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Wine & Weddings: How to Serve ONEHOPE at Your Wedding

Nothing goes together like nuptials and a toast! When you’re adding wine to your big day, one of the first questions we hear from brides and grooms is–how much do I need

There are plenty of factors that come into play when you’re fine-tuning your wine list and figuring out exactly how many bottles you’ll need to stock up on. The venue, the guest list, and your budget are three of the big ones. But once you nail down those details, you’re ready to dive into the good stuff.

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How Much Wine Do I Serve?

A standard bottle of wine holds approximately 4.5 glasses. If you are only serving wine, we typically recommend about one case per 25 guests (which equates to about two glasses per person for a two-hour event or one glass per person per hour). 

Depending on your crowd, you can plan to round up or down accordingly. 


Which Wines Do You Recommend? 

If you’re having a spring or summer wedding, we recommend leaning more towards the whites and rosés. Our Vintner Collection Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé are refreshingly crisp and the perfect way to cool down during an outdoor wedding or during your break from the dance floor. Plan for a 60/40 split of reds to whites, as many guests will still lean towards Pinot Noir or Cab during dinner.

For the cozier months of fall and winter, we recommend more delicious reds for your guests to sip on! Our Vintner Red Blend is the ultimate crowd pleaser and the Vintner Pinot Noir is sure to pair well with almost every plate.

And in all seasons, don’t forget the bubbles! Many guests love to sip on something Sparkling throughout the evening (not just during the toast). In this case, we’d suggest a 60/30/10 split between red, white, and bubbles.

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What About Sparkling Wine for a Toast? 

Another question we’re often asked is how much sparkling wine to serve during a toast. We suggest 1 glass per person. So, if you have 110 guests, you would need approximately 24 bottles of wine (or two cases).


What Type of Glassware Do I Need?

Planning a wedding can seem overwhelming at times with all of the different rental options and decisions–and this is particularly true when it comes to glassware! It is safe to say that universal glassware will cover all of your bases! If you prefer to have more formal, differentiated glassware, then a 13oz glass for whites/rosés, 15oz for reds, and a flute or coupe for bubbles are the way to go!

How Soon Should I Place My Order? 

Before you place your order, the first thing to do is check in with your venue to see if they are able to accommodate larger deliveries. You’ll also want to see how long they are able to hold them for. If that’s not a problem, then err on the early side for ordering so that it’s checked off your to-do’s and is one less thing to think about! 

If you have limited storage space leading up to the big day, we recommend placing your order about 14 business days prior to when you will need to have it delivered. This accounts for any transit delays just to be safe. Keep in mind that someone age 21+ will need to be available to sign for the wine when it arrives!

Does ONEHOPE Offer Any Discounts? 

Yes, we do! Any order of 4+ bottles receives special discounts and a flat shipping rate of $15. OR, better yet, you can join our Wine Club and receive free shipping! Not to 

mention the reward points that you’ll earn so that you can treat yourself to a special bottle(s) to sip back and relax after your special day.

  • 4 Bottles – 5% Off
  • 6-11 Bottles – 10% Off
  • 12+ Bottles – 20% Off

If you are ordering 10+ cases (120 bottles), please reach out to for additional discount opportunities!

From all of us at ONEHOPE, we’re wishing you the best as you embark on all the fun that wedding planning entails! Congrats on your very own happily ever after.

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