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Applebee’s $6 Spooky Sips are Back With Two New Boo-zy Halloween Drinks

It’s not Halloween without Applebee’s seasonal drinks. The chain recently released two new Spooky Sips, both for the deliciously low price of $6.

Dracula’s Juice and Tipsy Zombie are available until the end of October at participating restaurants nationwide, according to an Oct. 3 press release.

Tipsy Zombie, a neon green and blue gradient, combines Bacardi Superior with passion fruit, pineapple, cherry, and lime flavors. The drink is topped off with melon liqueur and a gummy “brain.” The frozen Dracula’s Juice mixes up Patron Silver and Bacardi Superior in a sweet berry concoction. Both cocktails are served in Applebee’s iconic 18-ounce Mucho glasses.

“Getting in on the Halloween fun is just another reason for our guests to visit their neighborhood Applebee’s bar,” vice president of beverage innovation Patrick Kirk states in the release. “With the return of our frighteningly delicious Spooky Sips, they can treat themselves with a wicked-good deal at Applebee’s.”

This isn’t the first year that Dracula’s Juice and Tipsy Zombie have crept onto the Applebee’s menu during Spooky Season. The two boozy flavors have landed on the October promotional drinks list for the past several years.

Sweet, spiked sips for $6? This deal is all treats, no tricks.

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