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Apple Pecan Crisp

Apple pecan crisp is so easy to make and is the perfect fall dessert. The crisp apples, crunchy pecans hidden throughout, and a buttery cinnamon sugar crumb topping are the perfect combo!

Fall desserts are the best desserts out there. The combination of seasonings with crisp apples can’t be beat! Try out this Slow Cooker Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal, these delicious Sautéed Apples, or these delightful Dutch Caramel Apple Pie Bars!

A bowl of apple pecan crisp with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream on top,.

Apple Pecan Crisp Recipe

It’s fall, and you know what that means! ALL of the apple recipes! Is there anything better than biting into a crisp and tender apple? The only thing better is when you can make a delicious dessert out of it, just like this apple pecan crisp! The addition of pecans to a classic apple crisp recipe took it to a whole different and delicious level.

This recipe is delicious and simple to make and will be the perfect fit after any fall meal. The cinnamon sugar mixture works its magic in the oven as it bakes and creates an amazing cinnamon sugar glaze over the apples as it bakes. Top this dessert with some vanilla ice cream. It will melt onto the warm apple crisp and adds a creamy texture to each and every bite.

Ingredients in Apple Pecan Crisp

Once you have some Granny Smith apples in hand, you won’t be able to resist making this delicious dessert! It’s perfect for fall and I love bringing in the classic autumn spices like cinnamon and cardamom to really level up this dessert. Check out the recipe card at the bottom of the post for exact measurements.

  • Granny Smith Apples: I like using green apples because their tart flavor complements the sweet ingredients perfectly. I also peel my apples before adding them to my cooking dish.
  • Lemon Juice: The lemon juice keeps the apples fresh and helps prevent browning.
  • Brown Sugar: This adds in a deep flavor and helps creamy a caramelized texture.
  • Flour: I used all-purpose flour for this recipe.
  • Cinnamon: This classic flavor is a must for any fall apple recipes!
  • Cardamom: This adds a bit of a spicy, mint flavor that goes so well with cinnamon.
  • Ginger: The ginger provides a very mildly spicy and sweet combination of flavors to the dessert.
  • Pecans: You will use some of the pecans with the apples, and the other half will go in the topping.

Crumb Topping

  • Flour: I used all-purpose flour in the topping.
  • Old Fashioned Oats: The oats bring in a fantastic texture that makes the top crumble.
  • Brown Sugar: This is a MUST if you want the sauce to caramelize and add some additional sweet flavors.
  • Cinnamon and Nutmeg: These fall flavors complement the apple mixture.
  • Salt: The salt enhances all the flavors in the apple pecan crisp.
  • Butter: I used cold unsalted butter so I could easily cut it up into cubes.

Let’s Make Apple Pecan Crisp!

This delicious dessert will be a go-to for your family during the fall… Actually, let’s be honest, it’s so good that you will bake it all year long! It only takes a few minutes to put it all together. Top it with some vanilla ice cream, and you will love every bite!

  1. Prep: Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and lightly grease a 9×13-inch casserole dish with softened butter or cooking spray.
  2. Whisk: Whisk together sugar, flour, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and ½ cup of pecans in a large bowl. 
  3. Coat Apples: Add the apples and lemon juice in a separate bowl. Mix to coat evenly. 
  4. Mix Together: Dump the dry mix onto the apples and toss until completely coated. 
  5. Add to Baking Dish: Spread the apples evenly into your baking dish

Crumb Topping

  1. Combine: In a bowl, add the flour, oats, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cubed butter. 
  2. Cut Butter: Mix with a pastry cutter or fork until you have a coarse crumb texture. 
  3. Sprinkle: Add the remaining chopped pecans and mix. Sprinkle crumb topping onto the apples, covering them completely. 
  4. Bake: Bake for 35-45 minutes, or until the apples are tender and the topping is a light, golden brown.
4 pictures showing the steps on how to make apple pecan crisp.

Baking Tips and Variations

Apple pecan crisp is just as delicious as it sounds! Here are a few tips and variations that you can use to change things up and make your dessert perfect for your family.

  • Crumb Topping: When you mix your crumb topping, you shouldn’t see any cubes of butter left behind. When you pinch your fingers, the topping should stick together.
  • Nuts: If you aren’t a fan of pecans, then you can switch up the type of nuts! Try using some walnuts or slivered almonds instead!
  • Glaze: I love adding some vanilla ice cream to this apple pecan crisp when it’s warm, but you can also try drizzling on some warmed cream cheese frosting as a glaze!

A top view of apple pecan crisp in a 9 x 13 pan with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream on top.

How to Store Leftovers

Lucky for you, this apple pecan crisp stores well, and you can enjoy it for a few days after you make it! It’s so good that you may want to double the recipe so that you definitely have some leftovers!

  • At Room Temperature: Once your apple pecan crisp has cooled, then you can store it in an airtight container at room temperature. It will last about 2-4 days!
  • To Reheat: You can warm this up in the microwave and top it with some fresh vanilla ice cream; it will taste as good as the day you baked it!

A bowl of apple pecan crisp with ice cream in a bowl with a silver spoon scooping some out.

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