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3 Bozal Mezcals to Try for National Mezcal Day

Bozal Mezcal, a wildly refined label made from indigenous Mexican agave.

Bozal’s complex mezcals are perfect for sipping throughout the fall season. Encased within their iconic ceramic bottles, the entire Bozal Mezcal lineup is characterized by exotic and intense flavors, with rich earth tones and savory smokiness. Check out these few distinct options to try on National Mezcal Day!


Bozal Single Maguey

Bozal Single Maguey Tepeztate: The Tepeztate, a subspecies of the Marmorata Family of agave, has a very distinct, erratic leaf structure and flourishes best on the sides of steep, rocky cliffs. The Tepeztate produces beautiful quiotes at the end of life which flower a rich yellow before turning to seed. This agave offers a powerful, unique aroma dominated by floral characteristics.


Bozal Tobasiche

Bozal Single Maguey Tobasiche: A subspecies of the Karwinskii Family of agave, the Tobasiche is a wild agave that needs twelve to thirteen years to fully mature. This agave is typically characterized by its herbaceous and cedar-like aromatics with an earthy finish.


Bozal Ensemble

Bozal Ensamble: A proprietary blend produced with a variety of unique magueys that complement each other, the Ensamble is a light and easy sipping mezcal, which surprises with its complex lingering finish. A slightly smoky, yet herbaceous undertone rests on the center of the palate, while citrus and floral notes from the Barril maguey are introduced and strengthened by the warm viscose finish of the Mexicano variety.


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