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Review: Deschutes Brewery Farmstand Fresh Mango IPA

Bravo, Cashmere, and Mosaic hops… and fresh mango(!), all in a single IPA from Deschutes. The mango here isn’t overblown, adding a light tropicality to a straightforward burst of orange-fueled citrus, piney bitterness, and layers of modest sweetness. Increasingly bitter on the finish, the mango manages to eventually muscle its way into the picture, but only just so, coming across with a touch of saline and just a slightly sunnier disposition than your typical west coast IPA bottling — er, canning. It’s not a “serious” beer, but I have no complaints about the bright fruit elements on this enduringly, blazingly hot end of summer.

6.4% abv.

A- / $10 per six-pack /

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