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Nusr-et Dubai (not a fan)

2023, a new year, another new beginning…. Good intentions, so….. guess who’s back, back again… Kevin’s back, tell a friend…. guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back…. you get the idea

Last year I was in the fake country or area of Dubai… As you know me, not a big fan at all. I prefer authentic and local foods anyday over fake, plastic, Insta, showing off and throwing money for likes type of places… And trust me, I would never have paid even 1 dollar to go to this obnoxious and irritating egocentric fur ball that goes by the name of Nusr-et.

For those who never heard of him, this is the one (the Turk with the overprized sunglasses).

But…. as I was meeting with one of my best friends from Pakistan, such a lovely guy, and he invited his whole crew, he surprised all of us. And so we went to maybe the last place on earth where I would go to have a meal, now I can say truly that my opinion was correct, been there done that, never again please !

Let me show you first what it looks like driving up to the valet parking…. And than going inside to see all these people stacked almost vertically just to be able to make another Insta or TikTok video or story. It seems in this world you are successful if you can show the proof of eating overpriced steak with other contentless plastic barbies…:

And then, after waiting in line, which is clearly part of the deal, you are escorted to your table. It is very clear at this point that all guests are being welcomed and transported in a steady system where the plan is to feed as many cows in 1 night as possible. In general, you can spend more time at the local MacDonalds. Sit down, force read the menu, wait for the orders to be placed, and best to pay at the same time as they deliver the order…. to make sure the table is free within 1 hour to serve the new line of sheep waiting in line. What a rollercoaster of sad people….

The menu:

To understand, divide the “Dirham” which is the local currency by 4. To have the price in Euro’s (or dollars$). So 1 steak costs $375…. and that is the baby / lady steak! The porter house steak is just $1125….

And the Baklava is a real bargain, only $100 a piece. I think his Turkish grandparents are turning in their graves, as the Turkish baklava normally costs a bit less. But it is not crazy he asks these prizes in my opinion. What is crazy is that people actually pay for this bullshit! On the other hand…. You do get a sprinkle of real salt, thrown by some 19 year old student on his own elbow, onto you steak. What a treat, never seen that before, and the way they cut that meat, wow! Worth every penny (NOT).

To end my opinion on all of this, I do have to be very honest and clear about 1 important thing: The quality of the meat was outstanding, really superb. The burgers were nice and moist (a $174 costing hamburger) but in all fairness it was GOOD. Everything is branded to perfection and perfectly executed as well. The baklava and Ice-cream was even one of the best I ever had.

In the end, we shared 2 burgers, 1 steak, 2pcs of Baklava with 4 people. Had 2 cola’s (just $35) and 1 mocktail. And the bill, which luckily was paid by my friend, only was only like a 1000 euro in the end. And we could stay the whole hour! What a joy…

Some pictures of the food and smart butcher, who’s face and name is on every inch of the table, door, wall or building, boy…. if only I could find a woman that love me the way this guy loves himself..!!

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