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Mother’s Day Gifts for the Mom Who Loves Cocktails

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate a wonderful woman in your life, whether it be your actual mom, your wife, an aunt or grandmother, mother-in-law, or any other mother figure.

And it’s especially fun when that special lady is a cocktail enthusiast or has other interesting hobbies you can play off of. So let’s forego the bath bombs, scented candles, and bars of soap and find Mom the perfect gift that’ll really stand out instead.

Below are some unique Mother’s Day gift ideas that will make that special woman feel… well, truly special.


2. drink recipe with edible flowers by s-o-c-i-a-l-c-u-t- via unsplash

Photo by by s-o-c-i-a-l-c-u-t- via



Edible flowers are expensive– and they don’t last very long when you buy them. So having edible flowers available to gussy up your latest Instagram creation is a great gift– especially for someone with a green thumb!

Grab the book linked above (or this honorable mention for baking with edible flowers), and pair it with a few seeds or flowers that you like– or a pre-made kit for a super thoughtful gift she’s sure to appreciate.

This could be a great multi-piece gift for the botanically-inclined bartender, as well as mom!


3. alcohol mixer and spirits for cocktail bar on a store shelf by chuttersnap via unsplash

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While this isn’t necessarily a traditional gift for mothers, it’s really no surprise that alcohol is on the list – But bottles of liquor can also be one of the more intimidating things to buy for a spirits lover.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, no matter what her favorite drinks may be! Links below take you to where you can order each product to deliver straight to your recipient’s door.

There are two basic categories of spirits that you can buy for a mom who loves cocktails: spirits that are functional for craft cocktails (and less expensive) and spirits that are a bit higher end – intended to be sipped and enjoyed.

Functional Spirits: In the functional group, we have some favorite spirits of bartenders: Spirits like Tapatio Blanco 110 tequila, Jameson, and Rittenhouse Rye would all make mom pretty darn happy, depending on her tastes. These are great spirits at a good price point – perfect for making a mixed drink but good enough on their own as well.

For the “sipping” group, you could aim for the $50 price point and find a lot of delicious spirits that are sure to please. If you have a favorite bottle of your own, it’s a nice, personal touch to gift something you love. But in case you need some suggestions, here are a few of our favorites:

4. alcohol bottles on a shelf by adam wilson via

Photo by Adam Wilson via


  • Tequila– Siete Leguas and Fortaleza are both brands that produce some beautiful tequilas that would make a great gift for a tequila lover.
  • Amaro – Amaro Montenegro, Amaro Lucano, and Amaro Nonino are all very popular and delicious. Fernet Branca is another good bet!
  • Whiskey– Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr. Small Batch, Basil Hayden, and 4 Roses Small Batch would all be stellar choices in the bourbon category for any whiskey lover moms.
  • Rum – Plantation Stiggins’ Fancy Pineapple Rum, Santa Teresa 1796, and Clement Rhum Agricole are all delicious and unique in flavor.
  • Gin – Plymouth, St. George Terroir Gin, and Spirit Works Barrel Aged Gin are our personal top picks for the gin lover in your life. This last one is a bit unusual but very delicious in the right gin cocktail.
  • And of course, a bottle of Green Chartreuse would be a welcome gift for a variety of unique cocktails– and a great gift for the mom who seems to have it all (but doesn’t have this)!

There’s always wine, too, if mom prefers the vino, but I’ll be honest about not being much help in that category. Still, it’s worth mentioning in case you do go that route. Pair it with a wine decanter like this one from Crate & Barrel, and you have a complete gift for wine lovers.


5. non-alcoholic spirit by yesmore content via unsplash

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Delicious cocktails without alcohol are all the rage these days, so even if Mom doesn’t drink or is trying to cut back, you can give her the gift of craft nonalcoholic drinks instead– and even still pair a zero-proof bottle with the barware sets featured below– or our Mocktails Masterclass.

Check out Low-Fi aperitifs for unique, low-ABV cocktail mixers like vermouth and Amaro. And if you want an alternative to your favorite spirits, try non-alcoholic brands like Ritual, Seedlip, or Monday.


7. perfect cocktail being poured from a craft cocktail kit, the perfect bartender gift

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Mom is going to love our 4-piece Boston cocktail shaker set! Or even better yet, check out our custom gift box with a 14-piece bar kit, 12 classic cocktail recipe cards, and a gift voucher for our online Bar Basics course. This stainless steel cocktail shaker set includes the following tools for all cocktails, both shaken and stirred:


6. cocktail mix gift set gifts for cocktail lovers-7

Copyright A Bar Above


  • Boston shaker set
  • Classic mixing glass
  • Japanese jigger
  • 12″ Spiral bar spoon
  • Wooden muddler
  • 2-piece strainer set: Hawthorne strainer and julep strainer
  • 12 cocktail picks

Not only will she get a fabulous bar tool set, but you can also support her passion for cocktails by giving her the included course!

Not sure which essential bar tools Mom needs to add to her barware collection? You can also get her a digital gift card instead and let her go shopping.


8. cocktail mixer martini shaker with a vintage design by yusuf evli via unsplash

Photo by Yusuf Evli via



And while we don’t want to talk you out of buying our superior barware, vintage tools for an antique-loving mom can be a quirky, sentimental gift.

Whether you are looking for old Hawthorne or julep strainers, cocktail shakers, or seltzer bottles, old bar equipment is like kryptonite for craft cocktail lovers. Take a look through eBay, Etsy, or your local thrift shop to see if you can find a few gems for your favorite mom this year.


9. fine strainer with a balanced cocktail

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Don’t think Mom needs a whole bar set? Maybe she’s not super into cocktails at all but does enjoy making other yummy concoctions.

Well, our fine mesh cocktail strainer now comes in two sizes and is perfect for straining cocktails, tea, kombucha, or flour & sugar while baking.

Pair this handy dandy strainer with another gift that reflects her hobby of choice– a baking kit, kombucha ingredients, a gift basket of tea, or a cocktail kit and 4-piece bar set. It would go perfectly with her favorite bottle of alcohol and our brand new bitters bottles… Just sayin’.


10. cocktail with cold brew coffee liqueur in a nick and nora glass by jeppe monster via unsplash

Photo Jeppe Monster via



What do you get for a coffee lover who also adores craft cocktails? Well, coffee cocktails, of course! It’s the perfect gift for mothers who have a Keurig– these pods produce boozy coffee drinks, perfect for brunch and nightcaps alike.


11. coffee bar accesssories pods by jisu Han via unsplash

Photo by Jisu Han via



Want to help Mom get really fancy? Maybe she loves cocktails but hasn’t quite gotten into mixology herself– This cocktail-making machine brings the bar to her!

It’s kind of like a coffee machine for cocktails– you simply fill it with your choice of spirits and use their pods to make your favorite cocktails at home with the push of a button. Voila! Delicious drinks on demand.


12. bitters being dropped in a perfect cocktail over crushed ice by adam Jaime via unsplash

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Pink House Alchemy makes a variety of cocktail bitters and classic syrups, which make a super fun gift for anyone who enjoys alcoholic cocktails (as bitters are usually not spirit-free). They add complex flavor to mixed drinks, making them the ideal gift for mixologists.


13. bottle of Bitters

Copyright A Bar Above



Does your favorite mom like her home to look clean and organized? Then get her the A Bar Above bitters bottles for organizing her tinctures in a beautiful, uniform way! Perfect for storing store bought or homemade bitters, mom will love how modern and classy these look on her bar cart.

Also, these beautiful bottles go perfectly with the Pink House Alchemy tinctures– or any other bitters– listed above, as well as our atomizer and eyedropper set, which will really help Mom’s cocktails look pro!


14. nectr silicone koozies

Copyright Nectr (stock photo)



Here’s an affordable gift that’s out of the ordinary– and super cute, too! These koozies will keep her drinks cold in style, no matter what she’s sipping on. Pair them with her favorite canned beverage, and you have a super thoughtful (but easy and relatively cheap) Mother’s Day gift.


15. silicone stemless wine glass set of 6

AliExpress stock photo



Speaking of silicone, we love these silicone wine glasses, and Mom will, too! They’re great for on-the-go, when you have littles running around, aren’t allowed to have glass (you gotta respect park rules, after all), or even for traveling & hotel rooms– the perfect alternative to expensive glassware or plastic cups! And they come in an array of fun and neutral colors, so you can find ones that fit Mom’s aesthetic.

If she’s a wine enthusiast, this is definitely a practical gift, given that they won’t break with the kiddos running about. But even if she prefers another beverage, they’ll come in handy– for everything from holding mixed drinks to acting as compact water bottle replacement.

You can pair this everyday wine glass with a bottle of wine and our awesome bottle opener— or even a picnic basket full of goodies.


pH Bee's Knees Cocktail Kit (2)

Photo Courtesy of Pink House Alchemy



Check out this pre-made, delicious Bee’s Knees Cocktail Kit from Pink House Alchemy! Enjoy a cocktail or three with the lady in your life with this gift box of cocktail ingredients:

  • 16 oz bottle of  pH Lavender Syrup
  • 4 oz bottle of  pH Honeysuckle Bitters
  • 4  pH Dehydrated Lemon Slices for garnish
  • Bee pollen lavender rimming sugar
  • pH Botanicals greeting card
  • Recipe card

Just add your own vodka or gin– or enjoy the drink as a yummy mocktail instead.


Batch Cocktails Course gift certificate

Copyright A Bar Above



Does Mom have a full social calendar? Is she always throwing parties and showing off her hosting skills? If so, she’ll love our Batched Cocktails Masterclass, which will take her through making large-format, pre-batched cocktails for her next event.

By helping her learn how to prep ahead of time, you’re not only giving her the gift of a fun and interesting class, but you’re also allowing her to better enjoy every single party she throws because she won’t have to post up at the bar all night to make drinks for her party guests one-by-one!

gift card for a hostess gift

Copyright A Bar Above


If the mom in your life is a true cocktail lover or is even a professional bartender, we have other courses, too; head over to our course shop and grab her a digit gift certificate for any course on our site. It’s sure to be a heartfelt gift idea that shows her you really care about her interests.


17. lovely gift by Tetiana Shadrina via unsplash

Photo by Tetiana Shadrina via



Need other ideas? Check out our other gift lists that are perfect for Mother’s Day or any special event. When you need a gift for cocktail lovers, we’ve got you!

So what are your favorite gifts for Mom? Leave us a comment, and let us know what you’re getting Mom this year– or what’s on your own personal list!


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