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Wedding Party Gift Guide

Finding perfect gifts for your groomsmen, bridesmaids, and other attendants is part of the wedding planning process that often gets overlooked. But if you want some awesome gift options for your wedding party that aren’t the same old-same old, check out our list below of fun, unique bridesmaid and groomsmen gift ideas.

I actually photographed weddings for a decade, and I’ve seen all the typical gifts: embroidered pocket squares, a pair of socks, cheap beauty products, a dozen golf balls, a non-personal piece of jewelry that will end up in a junk drawer… These gifts aren’t that! Below are some really cool thank you presents that cocktail lovers are sure to enjoy.

(Note: These would all make a great wedding gift for a couple, too, if you’re shopping for people who are getting married.)


tiki cocktail

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1. Tiki Cocktail Book & Tiki Glasses

Surprise your closest friends who are standing by you on your wedding day with some really cool cocktail recipes. Pretty much everyone loves tropical cocktails (or even mocktails), so these are nice gifts for wedding attendants– ones everyone can enjoy.

Pair a set of hurricane glasses or tiki mugs with a tropical cocktail book for your own customized, fun gift box. The tropical vibe makes this the perfect gift for your wedding party, especially if you’re getting married in the summer.

Here are some of our favorite book options:

  • Sippin’ Safari by Beachbum Barry
  • Minimalist Tiki by Matt Prietrek & Carrie Smith
  • Smuggler’s Cove by Rebecca & Martin Cate


cocktail picks for a variety of drinks with Martini olives in a crystal glass with a heavy base

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Cocktail Picks & Cocktail Cherries

This is a simple option that won’t break your wedding budget, especially if you have a lot of wedding attendants. If you know your wedding party loves cocktails, adding some garnishing items to their bar carts is a practical gift that they may not buy themselves but that can really elevate their drinks.

If you want a more complete gift, it’s a nice touch to pair these with additional goodies like whiskey glasses for their favorite drinks (Old Fashioneds, anyone?), a personalized flask (the all-time classic groomsman gift), or more of our cocktail bar tools (see below).

You can also mix it up and get cocktail olives and a Martini shaker for someone who absolutely loves Martinis. Get creative with this simple gift!

cocktail gift sets

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“Unexpected Holidays” & Happy Hour Gift Baskets

This one is a creative, cute wedding party gift idea! Order pre-made gift sets for everyone in your wedding party from Breakaway Meetings. If your wedding is close to a specific holiday date, you can order an adorable gift box of goodies for everyone with the theme of that holiday.

Or you can give everyone the amazing gift of happy hour in a box! We’ve paired with Breakaway Meetings to help create custom gift boxes with personalized items based on your needs.


14 piece cocktail set of durable option essential bar tools including a Boston shaker, affordable muddler, and separate strainer next to a Collins glass

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You can’t really go wrong with excellent bar tools! From basic tools like a cocktail shaker tins and double jigger to a full bar tool set with a bar spoon/cocktail strainer/wood muddler, the cocktail enthusiasts in your wedding party will rejoice.

Depending on your budget, you can grab a 4-piece stainless steel cocktail shaker set, pair an individual cocktail shaker with other options on the list, or get complete bar tools cocktail kit.

I might be biased, but we make ridiculously well-designed tools that your friends and family will absolutely love.


cocktail calendar difford's guide with a variety of drinks in drinking glass, for the ideal gift

Difford’s Guide stock photo


Cocktail Calendar Book

Sometimes it’s nice to break out of the box and find new cocktail options! This calendar of mixed drinks is a way to have new, delicious cocktails all year round. It covers everything from classic cocktails to some more modern and unique drinks; so know matter what day it is, the recipient will get the opportunity to make a delightful cocktail.

Add a personal touch by flagging your own favorite cocktail recipe or adding a mini bottle of alcohol to the gift. You can even make a signature cocktail out of the one that corresponds with the day of your wedding– or your entire wedding weekend.


Smoking cocktail in a drinking glass tumbler by bon vivant via unsplash

Photo by Bon Vivant via


Smoking Gun/Torch for Cocktails

A good smoked cocktail is so popular right now, and a cocktail smoker kit is a really modern, creative gift– especially if you have any experienced bartenders in your wedding party.

This torch can be used for smoking alcoholic beverages and food, so if your buddies like to cook, all the better!


everyday wine glasses

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Wine charms with Wine Glasses

Looking for affordable wedding party gifts for wine lovers? Although wine glasses can definitely be a standalone gift, adding in some adorable wine charms makes it way more fun. Pair with the A Bar Above wine key bottle opener and a bottle of wine, and you have a complete gift!

(This also makes a great bachelorette party gift.)


infusions for mixed drinks, ideal for cocktails

Photo by Egor Myznik via www.unsplash


Infusing Barrels or DIY Infused Liquor

This barrel is a really luxurious cocktail gift! Help your wedding party attendants make the perfect drink with these home infusion barrels.

If your wedding party consists of any professional bartenders, this is one gift they’re sure to love but are also nearly guaranteed not to have.

Or if you like infusing your own spirits, gift your wedding party your DIY infused alcohol in decorated Mason jars. And if you like making bitters, gift your DIY bitters with our brand new bitters bottles!

If liquor isn’t your think, try your hand at infusing vanilla extract. It’s a really personal touch to have made this gift yourself!


bottles of liquor for casual cocktail lovers via unsplash

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Although it’s common to gift alcohol in general, make it a more personalized gift by getting a different premium spirit for each member of your bridal party, based on what each person likes to drink. Here are some of our favorite spirits:

  • Equiano rum
  • OAX mezcal
  • Casa Noble tequila,
  • Nikka Coffey gin
  • Misadventure vodka

If they appreciate good spirits, this will probably be your attendants’ favorite gift. You can also make a whole cocktail kit by adding all the ingredients for each person’s favorite cocktail or the signature cocktail of your wedding day.


couple of cocktails, Amaretto Sours, in rocks glasses

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Rocks Glass

Any cocktail connoisseur needs a classic glass and good for everything from neat pours to gin and tonics. This Riedel rocks glass is triple-tempered, making it the toughest cocktail glass around– it’s super sophisticated-looking, too.

Note: You can go the extra mile to make it a really special gift with custom engraving! These would also make a cool groomsmen gift idea for an upscale bachelor party.


Cocktail-Themed Playing Cards

Does your wedding party love games? If so, why not adding these cool, cocktail-theme playing cards to your groomsmen or bridesmaid gift box?

This is an affordable gift idea that’s good to pair with pretty much anything else on this list, too, if you want to make your own gift bags to hand out on your wedding day or at your rehearsal dinner.

If you love cocktails and card games, these are a great option for your wedding favors, too!

Handcrafted cocktail in a crystal cocktail glass with a stencil design that was sprayed with affordable bitters bottles or atomizer spray bottles accessory tools cocktail gift sets

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Cocktail Atomizer & Eyedropper Set

OK, this might be my favorite gift for bridesmaids and groomsmen who love to make cocktails! If they really enjoy cocktails and already have a bunch of barware, help them elevate their craft cocktails with this classy tool set.

They can spray vermouth into their Martini glasses, create custom stenciled designs on top of their cocktail foam, or drop bitters with absolute precision into their classic cocktail.

Choose from the classic design amber color or the super sleek & modern matte black. With interchangeable tops, this is a multi-use tool that really takes any cocktail lover’s drinks to the next level. It’s also another gift option that your wedding attendants probably don’t have already.


Batch Cocktails Course gift certificate for a bartender gift for beginning or expert bartenders

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Mixology Courses

Here’s another really unique bridal party gift: Combine a love of cocktails with the gift of learning! We have several courses, including our Bar Basics course, so you can pick the perfect gift for everyone in your wedding party, even if they are beginning mixologists.

Get a gift card for the course that makes sense for them, and pair it with a high-quality barware tool kit for a thoughtful gift with a personalized touch. Then you can invite yourself over for a craft cocktail once they’ve mastered it… Win-win!


lovely gift of gold 14 piece cocktail shaker set for the holidays with an alcoholic cocktail

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Gifts for Cocktail Lovers in Your Wedding Party

OK, there you have it! Hopefully these excellent wedding party gifts will help you express your gratitude to your nearest and dearest on your wedding day.

Have other awesome gift ideas? Let us know in the comments below what we’re missing!

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