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Behind the Bottle: The Story of Filmland Spirits

Filmland Spirits announces the debut of two new American Whiskeys crafted to expand its award-winning portfolio. Town at the End of Tomorrow, a 9-year-old Kentucky Bourbon, and the long-awaited Ryes of the Robots Extended Cut.

Filmland Spirits is built on the belief that within every bottle of whiskey exists an immersive story worth being told. Stationed in LA, their team combines an enthusiasm for whiskey, passion for movies, and dedication to storytelling to create a portfolio of award-winning small batch bourbon and whiskies.

Over the last several years, their experts have sampled some of the finest whiskey across the United States. Their meticulously selected barrels are transported to Kentucky, where they are then aged, blended, finished, and bottled.
Blowing away today’s packaging standard, Filmland’s finished product exhibits their original B-Movie concepts, complete with monsters, robots, and over-the-top plots. Rivaling the outlandish nature of these retro-inspired films is the lineup of delicious whiskies they’re paired with. Each of which boasts a Gold Medal, attesting to the liquid’s classy and entertaining qualities.

“This is a serious bourbon portfolio created by a team that don’t take themselves too seriously, but who are introducing the world of Bourbon to a whole new audience.”

Here are the award-winning Cinematic Sippers:

Moonlight Mayhem! Small Batch Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Delicious and sweet with cherry and citrus on the nose, vanilla and caramel on the tongue and an intricate finish of toffee and toasted oak. Enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail, this smooth blend will delight werewolves and humans alike.

Moonlight Mayhem! Extended Cut Cask Strength Bourbon Whiskey

Cherries and chocolate on the nose and tongue with a spectacularly creamy mouthfeel and an endless finish of cacao, leather, and applewood. Enjoyed neat, or with a drop of water.

Ryes of the Robots! Small Batch Straight Rye Whiskey

Complex and spicy with cinnamon and cloves on the nose, mint and pepper on the tongue and a long, chocolatey finish with hints of oak. Enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail.

Ryes of the Robots Extended Cut

The long-awaited cask strength version of the fan favorite Ryes of the Robots. Ryes of the Robots Extended Cut is aged for five years in American White Oak, bottled at cask strength 108 Proof (54% ABV) and features a mash of 95% Rye with 5% Malted Barley in a supporting role.  Like any movie that receives the extended cut treatment, Ryes of the Robots Extended Cut features deleted scenes that continue the tale of bartender turned hero Courtney Winters as she seeks to defend the art of craft cocktail making from an army of robotic bartenders.

Watch the trailer here.

Town at the End of Tomorrow Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

In keeping with the Filmland Spirits creative process, Town at the End of Tomorrow was inspired by their original B-movie concept. This story tells the tale of a grim future overshadowed by bourbon shortages and the outlawing of spirits older than two years. New Bardstown is now the center of the whiskey universe and home to distillers Connor and Emerald Cooper who long for the finely aged bourbons of years gone by. Together they travel back through time to the birth of America’s native spirit – where they must confront their teetotaling forefather Judge Barker in an epic battle for the bourbon ages.

Watch the trailer here.

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