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The Art of Mixology: Fat Washing

In the art of mixology, we embark on a journey through the intricate craft of cocktail creating using some of today’s most innovative techniques.

Photos by Moriah Sawtelle

Whether you are a seasoned bartender or a curious enthusiast, join us as we raise our spirits to the creative union of ingredients and technique and delve into what makes a great drink unforgettable.


Fat-washing is a technique used in mixology to infuse a spirit with the flavors of a fat. The process involves melting a fat, such as bacon grease or butter, mixing it with the spirit, and then freezing the mixture. The solid fat is then removed, leaving behind a spirit with a subtle but distinct flavor. This technique is often used to create unique and delicious cocktails that have a smooth, rich taste.

These cocktails have become increasingly popular in recent years as they offer a new and exciting way to experience the flavors of spirits.

Jac’s on Bond Head Bartender Trevor Easton Langer incorporates the method into his work at New York City. He sees an infinite amount of potential in its ever evolving and innovative nature. Chilled had the opportunity to chat with Langer to learn more about the intriguing technique and hear what advice he has to offer. In addition, he gave a brief rundown of his beverage program.

What inspires the Fat Washed cocktails on your menu?

The fat-washed drinks on our menu specifically are used to mimic flavors you’d usually find on a plate and not in a glass.

What are some tips for bartenders interested in Fat Washing cocktails?

Don’t be afraid to get weird with it. I take a throw everything at the wall and see what sticks. There have been many times where I thought a certain flavor pairing wouldn’t work and it ended up being fantastic.

Talk to us about your beverage program.

Being a hotel bar, it was important to me to have a program that had something for everybody, while also not sacrificing creative integrity. I believe our team did a great job creating a menu that was simultaneously boundary-pushing and accessible.

Tell us a bit about your background in the industry.

Classic bar come-up story. I barbacked in my late teens as a side gig. After 10 years of late nights in the weeds, drinking, and making some great and terrible cocktails in some great and terrible bars, I stand before you today.

Photo by Moriah Sawtelle




1 1/2 oz Tuna & Olive Oil Fat-Washed Gray Whale Gin
1/2 oz Dill-Infused Dolin Blanc Vermouth
3/4 oz Lemon Juice
3/4 oz Lemon Juice
Pinch of Old Bay
Pinch of Salt


Strain into a Coupe Glass.
Garnish with Cucumber Slice, Lemon Wheel, Dill Sprig.

Additional Notes

Available at Bar Calico

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