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We Ask the Team at Speakeasy Sastreria Martinez About Their Cocktail Creations

Sastreria Martinez is Lima’s best speakeasy for several reasons, one of which being the dedicated and diverse staff. The elegant, quirky, and jazzy design of the space helps push the theme, but the team led by Bar Manager Diego Macedo is what really brings it to life.

Together, they create an unforgettable experience symbolic of the 20s and its authentic culture of quality sipping. Everything from the uniforms to the speech given to guests is meticulously thought out to perfect the theme.

The team at Sastreria Martinez is “like a cocktail of different experiences.” Some of the staff members have already spent more than 15 years in the industry working abroad or in the country. Many of them have experience at some of the best bars in the world while others have more humble backgrounds. However, regardless of their work history reputation each employee is equally essential to the establishment’s overall charm and functionality.

“It’s important to hear different prospectives every time we must decide or come up with drinks. We love that our team is international, comprised of members from Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, and Colombia.”

They all epitomize a perfect blend of professionalism and charisma. From the moment you step beyond the old fashioned tailor shop façade, their warm smiles and attentive demeanor make you feel like an honored guest. The bartenders are true mixology maestros, crafting exquisite cocktails that are as much a work of art as they are a delight for the palate. The servers move with grace and precision, ensuring your every need is met without intruding on your intimate experience.

Macedo and Head Bartender Daniel Rengifo recently proudly launched a brand-new cocktail menu that piggybacks off the location’s theme, presenting twists on the best classics and magical tailored vessels.

Named Collectión 2023, the menu features eighteen different drinks all made using various techniques and styles. What makes the new drink program so special is its Peruvian twist and ingredients that are sourced from nearby farms. The menu design itself complements the speakeasy style by featuring a collection of garments, darts, fabric precuts and styles. Additionally, every cocktail comes in a special vessel or with a garnish that celebrates the work of a tailor.

One of the team’s favorites is Mr. Martinez 2.0, which is made with Johnnie Walker Gold and infused with cheesecake, blanco vermouth with thyme, bergamot, quinine, and cacao mucilage. Other native fruit species are included and celebrated in the menu, like the Peruvian passion fruit Tumbo, the Andes’ mint Muña, Choclo, and the lesser-known cousin of the cacao plant, Macambo.

Along with the excellent selection of signature drinks, the team made sure to incorporate non-alcoholic classics made with the same style and techniques. Every drink tastes and looks like its alcoholic counterpart. They wanted to make sure every single guest had the ability to become immersed in the real speakeasy vibe.

Macedo says the aspects of his team that result in their prosperity are the level of commitment and passion they bring to the table daily. “If you find a bar you work at that you can identify with, you are already winning. It’s critical to succeed in finding it.”

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