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Spice Car

This Japanese whiskey cocktail from Chef Masaharu Morimoto a rim of shichimi togarashi spice powder.


Spice Car

Course Drinks
Keyword honey, Japanese whisky, shichimi togarashi spice powder, Triple sec, yuzu


2 oz. Japanese whiskey¾ Triple sec½ oz. Yuzu juice1 bar spoon HoneyShichimi togarashi spice


Combine the whiskey, triple sec, yuzu juice and honey into a cocktail beaker.
Stir vigorously until the honey is incorporated.
Rub the rim of a highball glass with some of the yuzu juice.
Coat the rim with the shichimi togarashi spice powder.
Add ice cubes then strain the cocktail from the beaker into the glass.
Garnish with a yuzu peel.


Chef Masaharu Morimoto created this recipe.

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