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Cool Product Launch: ODUOAK Bourbon-Based Fragrances

Professional whiskey blender, Jackie Zykan has used her amazing sensory abilities in a new and fascinating venture, ODUOAK, a collection of bourbon-based fragrances.

“Blending has always been a true passion of mine, whether it be cocktails or purely bourbon,” shares Zykan. “Over the course of my career, I have explored every avenue to grow my sensory bank and fine-tune my skill set. This is what led me to perfumery.”

While perfume is traditionally used with a neutral alcohol base, Zykan is putting her own twist on the category. ODUOAK fragrances are built upon the already dimensional aromatics of bourbon whiskey derived from the barrel, giving them inherent vanilla, spice, fruit, herb, and floral notes.

The unisex products speak to bourbon lovers, of course, but also to anyone who has ever fallen in love, been afraid of change, assumed incorrectly, or basically, just been human. These moments in time are written on the packaging, giving the wearer a little peek into what inspired the blend.

The collection, which includes scents like “Love & Whiskey,” “Walk of Shame” and “Mint Julep,” are available for purchase at and select retailers.

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