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New Bar Tools Release!

Hey there, fellow cocktail lovers, wine enthusiasts, and hospitality staff! We’re super excited to announce the addition of a couple new bar items & color lines to our ever-expanding lineup of bar accessories.

Since our co-founder, Chris, spent 15 years behind the bar, he really understands the importance of having top-notch tools that won’t just break on you after a couple months– and that also look really, really good. So we’re always trying to add top-quality products at affordable prices.


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Stainless & Gold Wine Bottle Opener

Are you in the market for a sleek, stylish wine bottle opener? Well, we’ve taken our already-amazing wine key and made it extra fancy.

OK, so we already thought our existing stainless steel-and-black wine opener was the best on the market. Crafted with precision and designed for effortless uncorking, this 2-in-1 wine & beer opener makes opening bottles a breeze.

But now… they’re even prettier! So you can really open your wine in style.

(I really think the gold version adds such a touch of elegance. Which is your favorite?)


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Here are some of the reasons we love this corkscrew wine opener:

The coated metal corkscrew easily glides through synthetic corks and natural corks alike, without breaking them and creating a mess in your expensive bottle of wine.
The double hinge makes cork removal a smooth process (even if you have grip strength issues, or you’re encountering a challenging cork).
The serrated knife is the perfect built-in foil cutter, slicing through the foil the first time.
The parrot head on it also makes it a beer bottle opener (or soda, etc.).
Its extra strong construction means it will last you years to come, even after opening thousands of bottles of wine & beer.
The comfortable handle makes it easy to hold and use.
Its sleek design is also compact, making this pocket-sized tool the perfect accessory for professional bartenders, servers, or party hosts. Just throw it in your jeans or apron pocket to have it with you whenever you need it, whether at work or a dinner party.

Now available in all-gold or all-stainless, which one you get is really just a personal preference because these everyday wine openers will all give you the same excellent performance, no matter the color.

Trust me, these customer-favorite wine keys are about to become your go-to choice for poppin’ bottles!


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Black Barware

OK, cocktail enthusiasts, rejoice! This is the product we’re really excited to announce. I guess it’s not really a new product but rather a new colorway for our existing bar tools.

We think black barware is just so cool looking. That’s why we’re bringing you some of our most popular, high-quality barware in this new color. They look absolutely incredible, whether at home or behind a pro bar. I mean, they’re really a statement piece, don’t you think?

Just like all our high-quality bar tools, every individual piece in this collection is meticulously designed for both form and function, helping you create perfectly-mixed drinks in style.

And the best thing? Unlike any other black barware on the market (that we know of), these cocktail tools are dishwasher-safe!

We decided to start with our most common bar tools before expanding this color line.  Here’s are the first bar essentials available in this new black metal color:

Weighted/weighted Boston cocktail shaker set: This is the same 5-star Boston shaker tin with a tight seal (and thousands of positive customer reviews)– just now in a beautiful black design.
Julep strainer: Perfect for stirred cocktails, this strainer is designed to fit any standard-sized mixing glass, classic Boston-style shaker, or pint glass.
Hawthorne strainer: Specifically matched to fit any standard two-piece Boston shaker, our Hawthorne cocktail strainer features a tightly woven coil for filtering out fruit pulp and ice chips.
Bell jigger: We’re obsessed with the vintage style of this 2-ounce jigger, which features markings at every 1/4 ounce.
Japanese jigger: Also including measurements every 1/4 ounce from a bar spoon to 2 full ounces, this double-sided jigger is taller & thinner than the bell jigger.


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We’re hoping to put out our full bartending kits soon in this new color; but for now, you can pick up individual pieces of these chic bar tools and create your perfect cocktail kit for making your favorite drinks.

Note that this isn’t matte black barware; we find that matte black really shows fingerprints.

The bold black color adds a touch of sophistication to your bar setup, making your workspace or bar cart truly stand out. We can’t wait to see your photos on Instagram with your new black bar tool set!

(These also make the perfect gift for your favorite bartender friend because your buddy is very unlikely to already have barware in this color.)


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The Best Bar Accessories for Home & Work

Whether you’re a seasoned bartender, home enthusiast just learning to craft classic cocktails, wine lover, or master sommelier, our barware collection of high-quality tools are built to last and to make your experience behind the bar so much more enjoyable.

These super well-designed tools (I’m not biased, I swear) are perfect for any home bar or professional setting, allowing you to easily open bottles of wine & beer and enjoy your favorite cocktail recipes.

And of course, these are just accessories to our premium line of barware. If you’re looking for other essential bar tools to up your cocktail game, check out our array of items like bar spoons, cocktail picks, Boston cocktail shaker set, fine mesh strainer, and more in our shop!




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