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The 25 Most Popular Beers in America, According to YouGov

Beer is ubiquitous in American culture, particularly the beloved and reliable macro-brews that line store shelves and fill the taps at every local watering hole. When faced with the typical options in the beer aisle or at the bar, everyone has their go-to brand. But which are the most popular across the U.S.?

The international market and data analytics website YouGov tackled this very question by aggregating the likability ratings on a list of popular beers. Each rating was calculated using the number of nationally surveyed individuals who noted their feelings toward the particular beer as “positive.” These ratings were then placed in comparison with others on the list to come up with a final ranking.

While Modelo currently tops the charts for off-premise sales in the U.S., Guinness snagged the number one spot based on likeability — it appears the smooth Irish stout has a pretty universal, timeless appeal.

Read on to discover the 25 beers Americans love the most, according to YouGov’s findings, as of Nov., 2023:

Guinness – Popularity Rating 56%
Samuel Adams – Popularity Rating 52%
Heineken – Popularity Rating 48%
Corona – 48%
Blue Moon – Popularity Rating 47%
Corona Extra – 46%
Dos Equis – 43%
Corona Light – 43%
Stella Artois – 42%
Michelob Ultra – 42%
Coors Light – 42%
Coors – 41%
Miller – 41%
Modelo – 41%
Budweiser – 41%
Miller Genuine Draft – 39%
Miller High Life – 38%
Pabst Blue Ribbon – 38%
Modelo Especial – 37%
Heineken Light – 36%
Bud Light – 36%
Miller Lite – 36%
Fat Tire – 35%
Yuengling – 35%
Negra Modelo – 35%

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