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How to succeed at Secret Santa

It’s that time of year when the Christmas parties start happening fast and with budgets stretched thin at the moment, there will be an awful lot of people turning to the lucky dip world that is Secret Santa.

For those who have managed to avoid this yearly challenge, this is when everyone is randomly allocated someone to give a present to, usually at work Christmas parties. The identity of the gift giver is a secret not to be revealed until after the gift is opened and there are often limits on budget. 

That means succeeding at Secret Santa is not easy. Unless you have the cheat code: this guide on how to nail your Secret Santa gift. Because really delicious booze is always a winner. Heck, even if your recipient wants to re-gift or share their present with someone else, it’s better than novelty socks. 

Here’s a whole page dedicated to Secret Santa gifts if you need any more inspiration than what we have below. With gifts this good, everyone will start calling you Santa around the office, full stop. Happy hunting!

The best Secret Santa presents

The presentable present: Christmas Snow Globe Spiced Orange & Cranberry Gin Liqueur

First impressions count and people will always appreciate a gift that looks like it was put together with love. But you can do that without the faff with something like this Christmas Snow Globe Spiced Orange & Cranberry Gin Liqueur. The snow globe-inspired bottle boasts festive flavours of orange, cranberry, and winter spices, while this bottle also lights up and includes flakes of edible 23kt gold leaf. A mesmerizing gift.

Quality over quantity: Crabbie’s Yardhead Gift Pack with 1x Tumbler Whisky 

Don’t make the mistake of filling a stocking with a bunch of crap just because it’s “better than nothing”. It’s not better than that, it’s an inconvenience that you have to carry home and then deal with. Nothing is a treat in comparison. One meaningful or quality item just beats several lesser ones every time. Here we have a full bottle of whisky with a glass in a gift pack that’s still a bargain. 

…or hedge your bets wiser than three gift-giving men: Christmas Premium Whisky Tasting Set

Of course, there is a way to cover your bases if you’re very clever. What if you’re not sure which one a newborn baby would prefer – gold, frankincense or myrrh? Then you save yourself the trouble and get all three. The modern equivalent would be a tasting set full of booze which gives you five mini presents in one easily wrapped box. The Christmas Premium Whisky Tasting Set we’ve featured here has the bonus of its own snazzy seasonal design. 

Be creative: 6 Dram Assorted Spirit Cracker Selection

A gift that’s outside the box always goes down a treat, assuming the present is still an item people actually want. Don’t be the person who buys someone something heavy to lug around or a lizard or something. A set of seriously good Christmas crackers, each containing a 30ml wax-sealed sample of spirit from an incredible producer, is the type of thing that somebody might not think to buy themselves but will be delighted once they tear through the wrapping paper. 

Play it safe with the classics: Baileys Chocolat Luxe

If the idea of taking a risk makes you want to cry in your stocking, then don’t fear. There is literally nothing wrong with being a crowd-pleaser. People have been telling Nickleback otherwise for years and look at them, still going strong (presumably). It’s Christmas and people love Baileys. This edition is filled to the brim with chocolate too. What’s not to love? Sometimes it’s that simple.

The cheap and cheerful: Drinks by the Dram Single Bauble – Johnnie Walker Red Label Whisky

Secret Santas have budgets and possibly other guidelines set by the organizer. Nobody likes the person who spends double or triple the amount and then pretends not to be smug about it. You’re not better or more caring. You’ve actually ruined Christmas. Ok, I might be taking that one too far, but you get the point. But why go all through that when you can get a single beautiful bauble with a charming dram of whisky inside for just £7? A simple but inexpensive way to spoil someone.

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