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We’re Recapping Chilled 100 Elevate 2023! Opening Night at Meta

Oh what a night! What a great way to kick off the Chilled ELEVATE 2023!

An evening at Meta – Louisville’s oldest craft cocktail bar and the place to be for innovative cocktails in an eclectic space. Sponsored by The Perfect Purèe and led by their Ambassador, De’Qustay Johnson, we kicked off the night in style with great food, old (and new) friends, fantastic ambiance, and of course, expertly crafted cocktails from the talented bartending staff at Meta.

We got the evening rocking with music by Matt Anthony from Dirty Vinyl, and kept the vibe going with three Perfect Purèe based drinks that were both delicious and creative and definitely made it hard to choose a favorite.

The Satoshi Spritz combined the Perfect Purèe Yuzu Luxe sour with Ichiko Shochu, Roku Gin, Mio sparkling Sake, crushed ice and was topped with a Maurin float.

The Lowrider showcased the Perfect Purèe sweet ginger with Suau Spanish Brandy, Old Forester 86, Contratto Fernet and an orange peel twist.

Thrillhouse had both an alcoholic and non alcoholic version, based on your preference. <em>(Honestly, both options were impressively delicious and we loved the option of an alcohol free drink crafted with as much care as it’s alcoholic version)</em> Choosing either Ritual Tequila Alternative or tequila, the cocktail was then built with the Perfect Purèe Chipotle Sour, lime, and umami syrup.

Billing itself as “The fanciest dive bar or the diviest fancy bar you’ve ever been to”, Meta holds true to its value of being a bar for everyone. The atmosphere is relaxing, diverse, and unique. The staff are professional, engaging, and knowledgeable. If you’re ever in Louisville, make a point to stop by Meta. It was definitely the perfect place to launch this year’s Chilled ELEVATE event.

Thank you so much to The Perfect Purèe for sponsoring us, and to De’Qustay for taking the time to teach us about the history and quality that goes into making The Perfect Purèe such an exceptional addition to craft cocktails. Thanks to Meta for hosting us at such an awesome venue and a very special thank you to the staff at Meta for making the night equal parts fun and delicious. We couldn’t have asked for a better kick off!

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