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Waterford Whisky Introduces Three New Cuvée Releases

Waterford Whisky just introduced a new core range of Cuvée Concepts to the U.S. These releases mark an important evolution in Waterford Whisky’s mission to create some of the most flavorsome single malt whiskies, the company states.

“The natural progression of our unique terroir mission was to follow in the footsteps of the legendary Grand Vins of Bordeaux or the Grande Marques of Champagne, and that is to create our flagship cuvées,” says Founder and CEO, Mark Reynier, in a news release. “Our new creative Cuvée Concepts, where we layer together uniquely flavorsome Single Farm Origins, help us to great our most complex, expressive, and profound whiskies.”

A Trio of Cuvée Concepts

Waterford Whisky’s trio of Cuvées will form the basis of its new core range. Each of these brings a new dynamic to the distillery’s trademark barley-forward profile, with aromas that transport you into an artisanal bakery, the company states. This presents the brand as a tryptic: Waterford Whisky, Organic Waterford Whisky and Peated Waterford Whisky. 

The Waterford Cuvée is Waterford Whisky’s flagship whisky.  On the nose, this whisky offers hints of white pepper, lemon zest, herbal and sweet candy aromas like cola cubes and sherbert powder. Each taste is a blend of aniseed, spices, tobacco leaf and the sweetness of summer fruits, with a touch of strawberry pavlova and Ritz cracker. The finish is long and dry, leaving behind a lasting impression of dried fruit and spices, according to the distillery. MRSP: $89.99 per 750-ml. bottle.

Cuvée Gaia is the distillery’s Organic Cuvée, bringing together Ireland’s only organic malting barley growers across multiple vintages to produce the deepest and most complex organic whisky. This whisky has notes of heather honey, malted barley, dark berries, aromas of pine forest freshness, old leather, hessian and nutmeg, as well as a fruity touch of blackberry compote, the distillery states. MSRP: $89.99 per 750-ml. bottle.

Cuvée Fumo is a Peated Cuvée made from four Peated Single Farm Origins, each of which uses only Irish peat and only Irish barley for the first time in generations. This whisky has a fresh peaty aroma with coastal aromas and a touch of sweetness. It reveals a full-bodied, oily character with smoky and campfire notes on the palate, according to the distillery. MSRP: $99.99 per 750-ml. bottle.

Releasing this month, all of these Cuvées are bottled at 50% ABV and, in keeping with the distillery’s commitment to authenticity and natural flavor, are free from artificial coloring and chill-filtration. 

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