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Wolves Whiskey Releases Winter Run, Batch 3 and 11 Year, Lot 2

Just in time for the holidays, Wolves Whiskey, a California-based American whiskey brand founded by fashion and luxury goods veterans Jon Buscemi and James Bond, is releasing two limited-edition whiskeys that are sure to impress even the most discerning palate.

Wolves Whiskey is distilled in Sonoma County by 13th generation Master Distiller Marko Karakasevic using an old, slow, brandy still that was imported from Cognac in 1983, the distillery states. Uniquely, Wolves signature blend consists of whiskey created from refined craft beer and Rye whiskey. 

Winter Run, Batch 3 is a captivating blend of rye and hop-infused whiskey that boasts a complex aroma of cinnamon apples, honey, orange, black cherry and dark chocolate. The palate is greeted with a harmonious blend of hops, molasses, baking spices, citrus and milk chocolate, according to the distillery. The MSRP is $220 per 750-ml. bottle.

11 Year, Lot 2 is a new allocation of Wolves’ highly sought-after American single malt whiskey. Aged for 11 years in New American Oak barrels, this spirit’s sophisticated aroma features toasted oats, dried fruit, vanilla, black pepper and oak. The palate is greeted with notes of tobacco, caramel, stone fruit, honey and oats, culminating in a long finish that showcases a sweet upfront flavor transitioning to a drying effect on the palate, the distillery states. The MSRP is $305 per 750-ml. bottle.

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