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December 9th Newsletter

Just acting goofy without drinking! My tiara was slipping (story of my life), so couldn’t resist a silly selfie!


Needless to say, it’s been a SUPER busy week behind the scenes here at the 365 homestead. I finished up baking, photographing and editing the final few cookie recipes before the 12 Days officially wrapped. Just a bit stressful as I though I might be calling it 2023’s 11 Days of Cookies, but it all worked out in the end, and I’m so super excited that you all have been enjoying them so! Thanks for all the comments and messages!!

Not only was there a mad rush to get the cookies finished, but I had to get it all done before I headed off to Ohio for our annual “Dolls” trip. It’s been happening every December for the past 4 years (except that ONE year ) where my close group of friends exchange our “favorite things” for Christmas, and just hang out for the week. It’s been AMAZING and I’m sitting here in the Baltimore airport waiting to catch my flight back to Providence as I type this – hence the newsletter delay. Aside – can I tell you just how much I LOVE to people watch in airports. It’s truly one of my favorite things. People just fascinate me.
Our group of dolls include Mary of ​Barefeet in the Kitchen​, Rebecca of ​Foodie with Family​, Christi of ​Love from the Oven​, and Meseidy of ​The Noshery​. If you aren’t already familiar with them, I urge you to check out their sites as they are all so very talented and I KNOW you’ll find some incredible things to make this holiday season. We’ve nicknamed ourselves as such because we love to torment each other with pics of and actual creepy dolls that we find at antique stores, the internet, etc. QUITE often.

These lovely ladies surprised me with a 1/2 birthday celebration with a totally decorated bedroom, gifts, and a tiara!! I love them so much! You’ll have to excuse the selfie above. LOL I’m a food blogger, not a fashion and style influencer.
It was amazing, great to laugh until we literally cried, relaxed and just hung out.
Now I’m motivated to work again ready to start planning 2024’s 12 Days of Cookies!! For realz!!

New Recipes This Week

This past week I finished up my ​12 Days of Cookies​! Starting Black Friday, I posted one cookie recipe every day for the following 12 days. I’d love to hear which one is your favorite!

I want to try all of the 12 Days of Cookies!

Christmas Recipes to Enjoy:

Christmas Cherry Hand Pies are easy to make with 5 ingredients you’ll be able to find at your favorite grocery store!

Peppermint Bark is a classic Christmas candy with just three ingredients!

Tired of turkey yet? With my mom’s homemade Lasagna Recipe, I promise you’ll fall in love with just one bite.

Baked Cinnamon French Toast is a delicious make-ahead breakfast packed with sweet cinnamon sugar flavor.

The cheesy cream sauce over steamed cauliflower makes this delicious Cauliflower Gratin a dish you’ll want to add to your weekly meal rotation!

This easy side dish of Maple Bacon Brussels Sprouts might just convert any Brussels sprouts hater!

Menu Plan This Week:

Sunday: ​Salsa Casera​

Monday: ​Macaroni & Cheese​

Tuesday: ​Taco Pockets​

Wednesday: ​Red Velvet Cherry Dream Bars​

Thursday: ​Chicken Caesar Salad​

Friday: Date Night

Saturday: ​Easy Raspberry Star Bread​

Favorite Products of the Week:

Since we’re talking cookies… I thought I might share some of the products I used to make some of our ​12 Days of Cookies​ recipes.
This OXO Cookie Press. Without question, THE best cookie press I’ve used in all my years of using cookie presses. It’s easy, and I don’t have a problem with the cookies releasing when I make any of my Spritz cookie recipes.

OXO Sugar Dusting Wand – if you haven’t already bought it, I encourage you to do so. It makes sprinkling powdered sugar on ​Linzer Cookies​ and the ​Meringue Christmas Trees​ so stinking easy.

A set of Offset Spatulas. Seriously. These are the things you never knew you needed until you actually have them and use them. They spread chocolate and caramel over ​Millionaire Bars​ much more easily than a regular rubber spatula does.

Since I NEVER use the handles on my grandmother’s old rolling pin, I always reach for this French rolling pin. I just find that it rolls dough better, and love the way it feels in my hands. It worked perfectly for rolling our our ​Cookie Sticks​!

(To get to the products, please click the link for any item listed above. It will take you to the newsletter blog post and then scroll down to this Favorite Product section where you’ll find the affiliate link to the item as I’m not permitted to share Amazon links here in my newsletter. I may earn a small commission from products purchased when you shop through my Amazon links at no additional cost to you. Thanks!)

Tip of the Week:

Do you know how to keep your brown sugars fresh?
Place a piece of bread in an airtight sealed container with the sugar.
The bread will draw the moisture out of the sugar, keeping it fresh! Replace the bread when it hardens.

My Brand New Ebooks!

Just in time for the holidays, I have launched three new ebooks! Each one is sold individually or get all three at a discounted price. These ebooks come as a PDF and can be used on any electronic device.

Grab Your Ebooks Here!

Grab Your Ebooks Here!

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