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4 Holiday Party-Ready White Claw™ Cocktails

Whether hosting an intimate soirée with friends, a boisterous family gathering, or a casual gift swap, the holidays are a time to show appreciation and give thanks. All the better if you have creative cocktails that are easy to mix up and can be made with just a few quality ingredients, ensuring you have more time to spend with the people you care about.

That’s where White Claw® comes in. Since launching its original White Claw® Hard Seltzer in 2016, White Claw™ continues to release refreshingly innovative beverages that redefine the alcohol industry. With its latest and most distinctive release of White Claw™Vodka, a Triple Wave Filtered™ 100 percent American grain vodka, your at-home holiday cocktail game will never be the same.

Triple Wave Filtration was conceived by White Claw™ Spirits master blender Andres Faustinelli, who spent decades looking to bring more complexity to the “minimalist experience of vodka,” and involves filtering the vodka with a pressure that’s equal to three 30-foot waves. The unique process, similar to how large ocean waves polish rocks and shells over time, lends itself to a superior velvety texture that smoothes out any rough edges while also revealing the natural sweetness and complex aromas and notes in the grain.

Adding to the collection, White Claw™ Vodka also comes in three flavors — Black Cherry, Pineapple, and Mango — which means there are plenty of flavor combinations to experiment with. Whether you want a juicy, bold berry profile or a tropical hit of ripe pineapple flavor to upgrade your vodka and soda, White Claw™ has you covered.

Short on time and in need of delicious beverages that will keep your guests happy this holiday season? We’ve got four easy-to-mix White Claw™ cocktails that are guaranteed crowd-pleasers. These drinks are sure to take the stress out of planning and ensure your guests a warm welcome for the festivities that lie ahead.

The Blackberry Super CLAW™

Juicy, ripe berry flavor from White Claw® Hard Seltzer Blackberry melds seamlessly with White Claw™ Premium Vodka in this holiday spritz, the perfect welcome drink for any impromptu holiday bash. Served over ice in a highball glass and finished with a blackberry garnish, the Blackberry Super CLAW™ will leave your guests thoroughly impressed.

The Holi-Cherry Martini

The Holi-Cherry Martini hits all the right notes with this twist on a Cosmopolitan. White Claw Flavored Vodka Black Cherry features a burst of tart cherry flavor and a smooth texture, while raspberry liqueur in place of the more traditional orange liqueur adds sweetness and a festive pop of magenta to the drink. 

The Cranberry Fizz

Your guests will love this seasonal sparkler with its bright and refreshing flavors featuring White Claw Premium Vodka. A quick and easy cranberry syrup adds a lightly sweet and tart flavor, while lemon juice and soda water add a crisp and lively effervescence. Food-friendly and elegant, the Cranberry Fizz is a go-to recipe bound to please any crowd

The Mango Royale

White Claw Flavored Vodka Mango, fresh mango juice, and chilled Prosecco combine into a rich and alluring spritz perfect for any holiday brunch. Highlighting bright and juicy mango flavor with hints of peach, orange, and cantaloupe, The Mango Royale is served in a Champagne flute for an elevated spritz that will make any celebration memorable.

You can put these recipes to the test with the White Claw® Super CLAW™ Holiday Kit, This kit from White Claw® and Cocktail Courier includes everything you need to create eight easy, refreshing, and delicious cocktails for every holiday party (or the perfect gift for the season), delivered directly to your door for just $39.99*.

 *Kits are $39.99 + tax and shipping. Sales end on Dec. 31 or while supplies last. Must be 21+ to purchase. Not available in AK, AL, AR, HI, ID, MI, NC, OH, TN, UT, and VA.

Premium Vodka. 40% Alc./Vol. Distilled from Grain. Flavored Vodka. 30% Alc./Vol. All registered trademarks used under license by White Claw Spirits  Co., Chicago, IL.

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This article is sponsored by White Claw®.

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