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Rabbit Hole: A Kentucky Bourbon Made Without Compromise [Infographic]

There’s a time in life for shortcuts — say, a fast pass at an amusement park or jarred tomato sauce. But when it comes to that glass of Bourbon you enjoy around 5 o’clock, you don’t want any corners to be cut.

Luckily, Rabbit Hole agrees with that philosophy and takes pains to ensure that its four core expressions of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey — Heigold, Cavehill, Dareinger, and Boxergrail — are crafted without compromise at its Louisville, Ky, distillery.

To make good on that promise, Rabbit Hole exercises a high degree of control over every aspect of the whiskey-making process. From its use of distinct, one-of-a-kind recipes to a proprietary grain cooking process to barrels that are charred and toasted to exacting specifications, Rabbit Hole leaves no stone unturned.

And now, if you’ll excuse the pun, allow us to take you down the Rabbit Hole “rabbit hole” to learn just how the Bourbon is made.

This infographic is sponsored by Rabbit Hole. 

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