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We Ask Dewar’s Brand Ambassador Gabriel Cardarella about Double Double Series

What began as a singular offering with Dewar’s White Label in the United States has now blossomed into an expansive portfolio that spans from the classic Dewar’s White Label, premium whiskies like Dewar’s 12-Year-Old, 15-Year-Old, and Dewar’s 18-Year-Old.

This continues into ultra-luxury whiskies, encompassing a wide spectrum of exceptional spirits in between, designed to appeal to a diverse array of palates. We ask Dewar’s North American Brand Ambassador Gabriel Cardarella to tell us more.

Talk to us about the inspiration behind these expressions.

Last year, we reimagined our Dewar’s 12-Year-Old whisky to redefine the essence of a 12-Year-Old Scotch. The whisky honors our double aging process, and is now double-aged in select, first-fill Angel’s Envy Bourbon casks. Our aim was to establish a new benchmark, a new gold standard, and the high praise from the renowned critics and rating agencies suggests we have met that objective. We have successfully redefined excellence in the realm of 12-Year-Old Scotch Whisky.

As far as recognition, our Master Blender has recently secured the MVP Award for Scotch whisky—Master Blender of the Year—-for an unparalleled fifth year in a row, a record that remains unrivaled. This award is a genuine reflection of the expertise involved in advancing a brand that has been established since 1899 in the United States, transforming it into a frontrunner characterized by innovation and a steadfast commitment to the craft of whisky production, as evidenced by our continuously growing premium selection.

What sets the Dewar’s luxury line apart in the market today?

Dewar’s is committed to innovating with new, outstanding whiskies – crafting unique flavors and experiences that keep our devoted fans anticipating our next creation. We’re elevating our acclaimed Double-Double range to unprecedented heights with a series of blended malt whiskies, leading with a 37-Year-Old whisky – the most aged expression ever released in the U.S. This whisky will be a tribute to the distinctive style of a particular Scotch whisky region, encapsulated in a single bottle, and since launching has landed the #12 spot on the International Whisky Competition’s Top Whiskies of 2023 list, and it stands as the top-rated Blended Scotch with a score of 93.8 points.


What would you like bartenders to know about Dewar’s premium whisky?

As previously noted, Dewar’s 12-Year-Old has established a new benchmark in the 12 Year Old whisky category, particularly due to its complexity, mentionable balance with notes of honey, vanilla, oak, and spice, to name a few. It stokes bartenders’ creativity and gives them the opportunity to take cocktails to new heights. It pairs exceptionally well with a variety of complementary spirits, enhancing the Dewar’s Whisky experience for pre-dinner or post-dinner drinks, as well as those with a seasonal twist. It unfolds beautifully in a stirred Old Fashioned, cuts through the richness of egg white in a sour and makes a bold statement in an equal-parts cocktail like the Paper Plane.

Through the years, Dewar’s has expanded their super premium portfolio. Tell us about the different flavor profiles.

The Dewar’s Double-Double series, a collection of super-premium whiskies, was born out of a desire to innovate and driven by curiosity. Launched in 2019, our Double-Double range disrupted the whisky world with a ‘Stay Curious’ philosophy and a distinctive four-stage aging process, bringing our pioneering double ageing process to the next level, culminating in a unique sherry cask finish. The series features a 21-Year-Old finished in Oloroso casks, a 27-Year-Old in the scarce Palo Cortado casks, and a 32-Year-Old in Pedro Ximenes casks, each offering its own unique profile. The range carries flavors from ripe vine fruits and heathered honey to subtle spices and hints of toasted oak and smokiness, all with a buttery smooth, complex, and lingering finish.

As far as accolades…Since their debut, these whiskies have garnered more top accolades than any other in the category. Notably, in 2020, the DD32 was crowned ‘Best Whisky in the World’ at the International Whisky Competition (IWC), one of the globe’s top seven spirit competitions and the most esteemed and closely watched whisky award organization.

Tell us about the distillation processes.

Dewar’s double aging process is our pioneering, unique and innovative technique that distinguishes Dewar’s blended Scotch whiskies from the rest. Here’s the breakdown:

Initially, after the distillation process, the individual grain and malt whiskies are aged in their own oak casks, many of which have previously held bourbon and sherry, allowing each type of whisky to develop its distinctive flavor profile. Once these whiskies have sufficiently matured, our Master Blender, Stephanie Macleod, artfully blends them. This crucial step merges the distinct characteristics of each whisky, resulting in a complex and exquisitely balanced spirit.

However, Dewar’s doesn’t stop there. Instead of proceeding directly to bottling, the whisky enters a second maturation phase. During this additional aging in oak casks, the various whiskies are allowed to ‘marry,’ harmonizing the flavors and aromas, which enhances the smoothness and overall harmony of the final blend. This double aging process is not commonly practiced in the whisky industry, where the norm is to bottle blended whiskies soon after mixing. Dewar’s commitment to this additional maturation stage fosters a deeper integration of flavors, leading to a whisky that is more well-rounded, balanced, and smooth. It’s this dedication to craftsmanship that has earned Dewar’s numerous of accolades for quality throughout the years. Taking this innovation, a step forward with the Collector Series, take’s this innovative process to the next level, continuing to set new standards while remaining committed to quality and our pioneering double ageing proves back in the late 1800’s.

Dewar’s dedication to our extra maturation stage allows for a deeper melding of flavors, resulting in a whisky that is exceptionally well-rounded, balanced, and smooth, a commitment to quality craftsmanship. Advancing this tradition of innovation, the Collector Series elevates this inventive process even further, setting new benchmarks in the industry while honoring the pioneering spirit of the double aging process established in the late 1800s.

Where do you see the luxury whisky line headed for Dewar’s?

At Dewar’s, we’re not just making whisky; we’re crafting experiences, and turning each sip into an ‘aha’ moment that keeps enthusiasts not just following, but more curious what Dewar’s will do next. It’s not about churning out another whisky; it’s about creating something that changes the game entirely one dram at a time. With that mindset, our latest endeavor, a 4-part Collectors Series, levels up the double-double range and kicks off with a 37-Year-Old blended malt whisky. There will be total of four rare whiskies in this range and will be released over consecutive years, with the second in the series due to launch in 2024, the third in 2025, and the fourth and final in the series in 2026.

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