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Top 10 chocolate liqueurs for Christmas

Chocolate is a Christmas staple: advent calendars, hot chocolate, selection boxes… And of course, chocolate liqueurs. The indulgent treats are perfect for sipping after dinner, adding to coffee, or using in festive baking.

If you’re a fan of rich, velvety chocolate meeting warming, full-bodied alcohol then you’ll love the following expressions: 

Top ten chocolate liqueurs for Christmas

Baileys Irish Cream 70cl

The classic. The original. The world’s most popular liqueur, and for good reason. Baileys is made with cream, Irish whiskey and, you guessed it, cocoa. It’s as good now as it ever was.

Ableforth’s Dark Chocolate VSOP 50cl

Ableforth’s makes all kinds of delicious booze but this Dark Chocolate VSOP is an appropriate seasonal treat seeing as it was made by infusing VSOP Cognac with Criollo cocoa nibs, which is then blended with more VSOP and XO Cognac.

Black Lodge Dark Cherry, Chilli Chocolate Gin 70cl

The folks over at Black Lodge Potions brewed up this intriguing gin-based concoction from cherry, chilli, and chocolate. A Chocolate Martini, anyone?

Mozart Gold Chocolate Cream Liqueur

Named after some fella called Mozart, this creamy chocolate liqueur from Austria is a go-to for bartenders wanting to add chocolatey goodness to an array of cocktails for good reason. It was made using cocoa from West Africa, Madagascan vanilla, gourmet Belgian chocolate and a blend of cream and cocoa butter, and it’s as tasty as it sounds.

Bourbon Bourbon – Candy Cane

Bourbon = good. Chocolate = good. Together? Perfect. Bourbon Bourbon is the result of combining the famous and fabulous biscuits with the equally lovely spirit of America, but this seasonal edition also brings candy canes into the mix. A festive Mint Julep awaits!

The Sweet Potato Spirit Co. Chocolate Moonshine with Chilli 50cl

Chocolate, chilli, and sweet potato – the good things from the Americas. Not a combination you would necessarily ever choose and yet it works beautifully in this moonshine liqueur. 

Dirty Cow Plant Based Cre*m Liqueur – Loaded Chocolate 70cl

The Plant Based Cre*m Liqueur from Dirty Cow is choc-ified here in a dairy-free liqueur suitable for vegans. A creamy whisky liqueur, this is ready to be poured over anything and everything, from ice to ice cream…

Kendal Mint Cake Liqueur 50cl

Kendal Mint Cake is delicious, but it’s not a great garnish. Good thing you can get into your drink by alternative means, namely through this lovely Kendal Mint Cake Liqueur.

Bols Creme de Cacao (White) 50cl

A clear Creme de Cacao liqueur from Dutch distillers Bols, which features the sweet, creamy notes of milk chocolate and is ready to be mixed in all kinds of cocktails like the Brandy Alexander.

Riverside Dark Chocolate Whisky Liqueur 70cl

From Riverside Spirits comes a darker, richer, more bittersweet treat for those who love their dark chocolates. 

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