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How to get through the holiday season: 5 Tips

“It’s the holiday! You’ve got to live!” Indulgence and this time of year goes hand in hand. Who are we to take that away? Three Spirit are all about pleasure; always have been, always will! That being said, many of our fans are still drinking over the holidays but trying to manage their intake sensibly. Wine with lunch or a nightcap over a Christmas movie sounds fantastic, and slipping some mocktails in between is even better. But how do you stop yourself from doing something you regret?


1. Mica Francis Angel says, “Set your intentions”

“Take things at your own pace this holiday season. Setting your intentions can be a great way to help us show up in the way that we want to for ourselves and those around us, and really just make the most of this time of year.”

It’s true. It may sound simple, but you have to tell your brain what you want. Repeatedly. And then again.

I want to wake up without a hangover. The plan is to wake up without a hangover.

My mother-in-law does not control my feelings. I decide how I feel. I want to not be bothered by her.


2. Erica says, “Find your community”

“This might be a little cliche but it’s all about community. Right? Finding the people that are going to fill your cup (though maybe not literally) and hold you accountable. Helping to make sure that you can show up in the best way that you can and you’re treating your mind and body right. It’s all about community.”

Sadly, not everyone can rely on their family or friends to help them stick to their goals. Social media influencers like The Sober Gay, Sober in Central Park or even Facebook or Reddit groups can really help. You’d be surprised by the people in similar positions. 


3. Laura of Club Soda says, “Create your own traditions.”


“We’ve got lots of traditions that we’ve created that often have booze around at Christmas, but they don’t have to be. There’s lots more to do, from immersive experiences, ice skating, craft marking. You be the social architect. Secondly, if you’re going out, check the menu in advance or even call them in advance so you can order in confidence. Anywhere that doesn’t put up their non-alcoholic range online, probably doesn’t have a very good one! And finally, if you get yourself a good alcohol-free drink, like Three Spirit, then make sure you keep hold of them. I guarantee you everyone will want to try it!”

We love Laura’s attitude, which is why Club Soda continues to be such an incredible stockist of ours, right in the heart of Covent Garden in London. I was determined to make my first gingerbread house this year, a bit of Spark definitely helped me focus on getting the dimensions right way more than a fuzzy mulled wine would have! Try something new this year, you never know; it could become a new tradition.

4. Jasmine Ashley says, “Find you alternative.”

“Something I’m absolutely relying on this holiday season are my Three Spirit elixirs. It gives me the perfect boost, especially the Livener. It gets me ready and pumped up to do anything. So that being said, all of the holiday parties that I have coming up, this alternative is going to be essential. It’ll get me ready and excited to socialize – even if I’m tired.”

Always great to hear a shout out! It is true; drinking together is a social ritual and it can be difficult to manage the FOMO during party season. Three Spirit, or any other alcohol alternative that you enjoy, can be a ticket back into the party. With guayusa, green tea, schisandra berries and ginseng, you can feel an energy boost that doesn’t intoxicate.

5. And finally Three Spirit says, “Manage your regret, as well as your intake.”

I started this article by talking about tips on how to not go overboard on drinks to the point of regret. So much talk around being sober curious, or having a ‘damp’ lifestyle is about balance. And with that, I think we need to talk about the balance between accountability and the dreaded, intolerable and worst of all, UNHELPFUL, shame. To quote the wine drinking Adele, go easy. If you do go too heavy on the booze, it’s not going to be the end of the world. It’s not necessarily about what you consume between Christmas and New Years, it’s all the other days in the year. You can be mindful, you can even prefer the alternatives, but whatever you do, be happy with it. ‘Tis the season!

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