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In-N-Out Adds New Menu Items for the First Time Since 2018

In-N-Out has announced that it will add new items to its menu for the first time in five years. According to a Tuesday Instagram post from the popular West Coast burger chain, two new beverages are now available at their restaurants: Lite Pink Lemonade and Cherry Coke. The last time In-N-Out updated its classic menu was in 2018 when it added hot cocoa.

The new lemonade will provide a lower-calorie option of In-N-Out’s classic pink lemonade, made with lemon juice and sweetened with stevia and monk fruit. And of course, most patrons are already familiar with Cherry Coke, which will be added to the chain’s existing selections from Coca-Cola.

“We are so excited to share two new options on our beverage menu that we think you are going to love!” the brand shared on social media.

The feedback on the Instagram post was overwhelmingly positive from fans of the brand, but some commented that they’re still waiting for additional updates to the food menu — most notably bacon and vegan options. (You can make anything animal-style, if you try hard enough.) Although this move helps expand In-N-Out’s beverage options, we’re hoping it won’t be another five years before the menu is updated again.

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