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Check Out 5th Annual Cocktail Trends Report for 2024 with Bacardi Limited

Bacardi Limited unveils the insights of its fifth annual Cocktail Trends report for 2024.

As the global authority on spirits and libations, Bacardi’s latest findings promise a peek into the evolving landscape of flavors, techniques, and cultural influences shaping the art of cocktail crafting.

From innovative ingredients to cutting-edge mixology methods, this serves as a spirited guide into the trends destined to captivate taste buds and revolutionize the bar scene in the coming year.

“As 2024 arrives, people are looking to settle into the unsettled— welcoming tastes of optimism into our reality. In this landscape, people are reshaping cocktail culture, infusing it with fresh perspectives and finding memorable experiences back at the bar with friends. From redefining moderate drinking to a surge in sustainable attitudes, Bacardi is at the forefront, championing a world where people-driven cocktail culture thrives through innovation, experimentation, and overall better moments,” says Brenda Fiala, Global Vice President of Strategy, Insights & Analytics at Bacardi.

To start, limited libations is one of the macro-trends that will define 2024. Consumers are delving into the NoLo category of drinks. “Nolo,” short for “no- and low-alcohol,” represents a transformative movement in the beverage industry, redefining social drinking and cocktail culture. This evolving trend caters to individuals seeking flavorful, well-crafted drinks without high alcohol content, aligning with a growing emphasis on health, moderation, and mindful consumption.

Innovative aging and blending are predicted to trend in the coming year, as distillers are venturing into uncharted territory, discovering new sources of innovation.

Bold and unexpected pairings will lead, whereas regional experimentation will yield spicy, fruity, and zesty profiles. While enjoyers of dark, aged spirits are diversifying their palates, rum-based cocktails are continuing to grow in popularity.

Tequila ranked as the number one premiumization category with Mezcal named as the one to follow, as indicated by the Bacardi Global Consumer Survey 2023.

Cocktail culture has also become a passport to various destinations, whisking enthusiasts across continents and time periods. From timeless spritzes to intricate concoctions, these libations serve as vessels, recreating cherished, communal moments year-round. In the upcoming year the synergy between beverages and locations will deepen, as classic cocktails infused with European flavors transport drinkers from sandy shores to sophisticated bars. The connection to nature will be a growing focus in the new year, as brands and bartenders are taking a holistic approach to nature and its flavors—harnessing sustainably sourced aromatics, florals, botanicals, and oils to create cocktail experiences uniquely rooted in nature.

With the new year also comes new digital advancements, which are directly influencing what, where, and how drinks are enjoyed. Consumers who want personalized brand interaction are interested in what AI can provide in the way of opportunities for tailored cocktail experiences but wish to maintain the emotional connection that bartenders provide.

No matter what trends we encounter in 2024, we can expect that innovation will meet tradition, and the bar will remain a canvas for unforgettable moments, inviting enthusiasts to sip, savor, and indulge in the ever-evolving world of libations.

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