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Industry Trends You Won’t Want to Miss in 2024 According to Experts

We have been reporting expert predictions from bartenders, bar owners, brand ambassadors, executives and the like all month with a simple goal—To find out what spirits we’ll be pouring in 2024.

One obvious trend has emerged which shapes what we’ll be drinking in the years to come—the popularity of authenticity. This real interest in knowledge and expertise is sought out by everyone nowadays—it’s knowing what we’re drinking, where it came from, and learning all about a brand’s story from an expert bartender who will deliver to us this coveted information from across the bar while handing us a well-crafted cocktail.

From bartenders educating drinkers about their fav spirits to mixologists turned social media influencers to reality shows like Drink Masters, The Ultimate Mixologist and Mixology Masters there is a thirst for knowledge unmistakable in the industry today.

Here’s 5 Ways to Stay on Top of Industry Trends:

Chilled 100 Spirits Awards

For brands searching for expert bartender-backing of their products, look no further than the Chilled 100 Spirits Awards. Judged solely by working bartenders who are at the top of their game, The Chilled 100 Spirits Awards gets liquid to lips of the most influential bartenders in the hottest markets. Enter now to get EARLY BIRD PRICING DEALS. For more information on entering the Chilled 100 Spirits Awards contact Lennie Omalza or Max Ferro

Chilled 100 Bartender Seal of Approval

This most coveted and prestigious mark of excellence is earned by spirit brands, each year, as chosen by our expert judges during the Chilled 100 Spirits Awards. Brands earning the Chilled 100 Bartender Seal of Approval proudly display their award in print ads, online and social media posts, shelf talkers, and other marketing materials, promoting a 100% backing from working bartenders as a must-have brand behind the bar.

Chilled 100 Spirits Awards Emblem of Excellence in Authenticity

For spirit brands hoping to show off their authentic side we offer opportunities for products to earn several Emblems of Excellence in coveted categories, including Artisanal Brand Emblems, Sustainable Brand Emblems, and Timeless Brand Emblems.

The Chilled 100

The Chilled 100 Bartender ambassador group is an elite culture comprised of passionate and talented working bartenders who are influencing industry trends across the country. Our Chilled 100 Bartenders are privy to educational industry experiences of all kinds, including exclusive brand competitions, launches, guided dinners, and tastings, samples, along with VIP access to industry events, Chilled 100 ELEVATE, and more. If you are a working bartender interested in joining The Chilled 100 Bartender Group, submit your application here. Or contact National Director of The Chilled 100, Wendy Hodges

Chilled 100 ELEVATE

Held in Louisville, Kentucky, in October, our 3rd Annual Chilled 100 ELEVATE is the ultimate bartender event designed to ELEVATE industry and educational experiences for bartenders, and create networking opportunities for sponsoring brands, through distillery tours, immersive dinners, specialized seminars and workshops, guided tastings, and much more. For more information about Chilled 100 ELEVATE click here. Or contact Jeff Greif

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