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Find Out Monin’s 2024 Flavor of the Year

Founded in 1912 in Bourges, France and family-owned and operated for three generations, Monin is the premier provider of flavoring products for creating specialty beverages and flavorful culinary solutions.

Monin infuses the new year with a splash of color with its 2024 Flavor of the Year: Ube.

After conducting extensive consumer research, the award-winning premium flavoring company has selected this popular flavor as the latest clean label syrup to join its portfolio of over 200 flavorings.

Monin consistently predicts trending flavors year after year, including the 2023 Flavor of the Year, Hot Honey Syrup. Monin looks to bring Ube Syrup to the food and beverage space, a move that will likely accelerate the flavor’s industry-wide impact in 2024.

“At Monin, we listen to our customers, and we selected this year’s flavor with them in mind,” says Stasha Johnston, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Monin Americas.

“Ube has been popular in Asian cultures for years, and now it is seeing a rapid increase in popularity stateside. Monin Ube Syrup aligns with several of the trends we see emerging for 2024. It blends authentic, global ingredients for a unique flavor experience, and gives operators an easy way to infuse beverages with the yam’s signature vivid purple hue. And as social media continues to influence food and beverage trends, Ube Syrup is the perfect blend of vibrant, delicious, and unique to capture new customer interest and delight existing ones.”

Monin Ube Syrup adds distinctive, eye-catching hues of purple to beverage and culinary creations. Made without artificial ingredients, Ube Syrup features a mildly nutty profile with earthy, sweet undertones and hints of fig, cinnamon, and vanilla for a well-balanced and versatile flavor.

Ube is a staple of Filipino desserts and cuisine and has been celebrated across Southeast Asia for years. Now, it is swiftly becoming a global sensation, with ube growth predicted to outperform 88% of all other foods, beverages, and ingredients over the next four years; it is projected to grow +48% on U.S. menus through 2027 (Datassential). According to Monin Proprietary Research, 67% of consumers say they are likely to purchase an ube-flavored beverage or dessert.

Each year, Monin undergoes a lengthy process of collecting and analyzing emerging trends, consumer insights and industry data to determine the flavors that will trend over the coming years. As explained in its 2024 Flavor Trends, Monin found that consumers in 2024 are looking for authentic, inspired and indulgent flavors, flavors that lean into the latest social media fads, and also those that meet their wellness and lifestyle needs.

Monin Ube Syrup is a versatile flavoring that aligns with 2024’s predicted Flavor Journey trend. With its blend of Asian and Mediterranean flavors, as well as premium Madagascar vanilla, the syrup offers a rich, balanced flavor that allows consumers to travel the world through taste.

Monin Ube Syrup also plays into the Under the Influenc[er] trend with its captivating purple color and unique flavor profile, making it ideal for creating Insta-worthy beverages and culinary dishes. According to Datassential, 72% of consumers say they are curious to try new foods, flavors, and dishes they find online to “see what the hype is about.”

“Café and restaurant patrons are looking for novel, memorable experiences, and that extends to what’s in their glass and on their plate. What makes Ube Syrup unique is that it delivers on both allure and versatility,” says Bill Lombardo, CEO of Monin Americas.

“Our Flavor of the Year has endless applications in food and beverage recipes. It’s incredible flavor profile and vivid color will seamlessly elevate any cocktail, dessert, sauce, or non-alcoholic beverage.”

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