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Flavor Manipulation Course Series: Cocktail Bitters, Infusions, & Simple Syrups

Did you know that A Bar Above offers a variety of educational courses on topics from mocktails to a becoming a better bartender?

Well, we do! And we’re especially excited to share with you our Flavor Manipulation series, a trio of self-paced online courses that explore the use of essential ingredients like different types of bitters and syrups, as well as how to use various flavor profiles in alcoholic drinks.


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If you’re craving a way to transform your favorite cocktails into elevated creations, you’re in the right place. These courses delve into the true craft of making these cocktail ingredients from scratch and using them to create delicious mixed drinks (and even non-alcoholic drinks) with signature flavors.

And between Chris and our resident bartender, Rob, you’ll learn from an industry-leading team deeply versed in the science of mixology.

So, are you ready to play with sweet, savory, and aromatic notes to completely elevate your mixology game? Check out the details of the series below, and then sign up for a course– or the entire 3-course program!


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Key Features of All Courses:

Self-paced with lifetime access
Approximately 6-8 hours of engaging content, depending on the course
Courses taught by industry-leading expert, Chris Tunstall
Hands-on lessons so you can really learn the processes
Quizzes after every main section, focusing on mastery & info retention


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Not So Simple: Crafting Cocktail Syrups Workshop

The first Flavor Manipulation course is our Crafting Cocktail Syrups Workshop. From understanding the basics to exploring more diverse sweeteners, this course helps you enhance your cocktail creations and overall cocktail mixology skills in the simplest of ways, so to speak.

Learn to create and modify simple syrups, from understanding the basics to crafting more complex syrups.


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This course starts with an introduction to basic, store-bought syrups, progressing to crafting your own with more nuanced flavors. Whether you’re an enthusiast or a seasoned pro, learn to create these ingredients step-by-step, transforming your cocktails.

As with all our courses, a comprehensive guide ensures you know precisely what to buy and the processes to follow, even after completing the course.

Through practical and immersive experience, you’ll understand how syrups work within mixed drinks and how different craft cocktail syrups influence the same drink by the end of this course.


Screenshot from the Syrups Workshop, copyright A Bar Above


Course Highlights:

Intricate directions for creating simple syrups with fresh herbs, fruits, and botanicals
Hands-on application with quizzes and 5 interactive lessons, plus 2 extra introductory and summary lessons
5-7 hours of on-demand, self-paced content
Shopping list and recipes for custom syrups
Some of our favorite cocktail recipes to use syrups in (PDF file)

Take your skills to the next level with advanced syrup making, exploring diverse flavor manipulations within delicious recipes, and learning to change the same cocktail recipe using various syrups– all while working with complementary flavor enhancement.

Sounds amazing, right? Great! Sign up for the course here.


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Raise Your Spirits with the Creating Alcohol Infusions Workshop

Want to transform the flavor profile of actual base spirits? One of the easiest ways to to do this is to infuse the base spirit itself. Our Creating Alcohol Infusions Workshop explores the art of infusing spirits to create your own flavored alcohol, experimenting with imaginative combinations and learning the ins and outs of infusion ingredient selection and safety.

In this course, Chris shows you step-by-step how to use ingredients like botanicals for flavor pairings, turning a plain bottle of booze into flavored liquor you can use for nuanced craft cocktails.


Screenshot from Infusion Workshop, copyright A Bar Above


Learn the art and science of infusing vodka*, tequila, whiskey, Amari, and more. Chris– an industry-leading instructor– guides you through essential techniques, ensuring you grasp the intricacies of ingredients, safety measures, and equipment.

(*Note: Chris does not create flavored vodka in this course, but you can apply the same infusion recipes & techniques shown in this course to various bottles of liquor, including vodka.)

Explore creative flavor combinations, timing, advanced techniques, and the use of complex ingredients. Beyond mere recipes of classic cocktails, this workshop empowers you to design your own libations, fostering a deep understanding of infusion principles.


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Course Highlights:

Hands-on learning of the infusion process
Focus on equipment, techniques, and ingredient mastery
Access to expert guidance for all your mixology inquiries
Seven structured lessons, complete with quizzes
6-8 hours of content
Recipe cards and shopping lists for hands-on practice of popular infusion ingredients, creative flavored spirits, and delicious cocktail recipes (PDF)

Come join us on this journey of flavor exploration and cocktail creativity, where you will not only learn from the best (if we do say so ourselves) but will also become confident in making your own extraordinary creations. Sign up for the course here.


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Bitters & Tinctures Workshop

What even are bitters and tinctures? Well, in our Bitters & Tinctures Workshop, we’ll dive deep into the process and techniques of these powerful, unique flavor forces.

If you really want to become a mixology expert and learn to add complexity to cocktails, come discover the role of these ingredients in cocktails, understanding why they’re essential and mastering the art of crafting them yourself.


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Delve into the transformative powers of bitters and tinctures as you explore what’s on the market already, why they’re important, how to create your own, what essential equipment you’ll need, and these ingredients’ profound ability to completely transform classic cocktail recipes as well as more modern cocktails– only a couple dashes per drink.

Learn to make bitters tailored for classic drinks like Old Fashioneds and Martinis, as well as more unique, modern drinks. With a focus on safety, Chris guides you step-by-step through the process from beginning to end.


Screenshot from the Bitters Workshop, copyright A Bar Above


Course Highlights:

Step-by-step guidance for crafting eight flavored bitters and tinctures, including aromatic bitters (the “classic bitters” style like Angostura bitters), herbal bitters, citrus bitters, and fruit tinctures
In-depth exploration of equipment, safety, and flavor manipulation
Hands-on application with quizzes and 7 interactive lessons
Shopping list and recipes for bitters and tinctures
Recipes for classic cocktails with which to test your creations (PDF)
6-8 hours of recorded, self-paced content*


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(*If you follow along in making homemade bitters, this course will take about 4-8 weeks to complete, due to infusion time.)

After taking this course, you’ll even be able to apply these techniques to create countless varieties of your own bitter flavors. So are you ready to completely transform your mixology skills? Sign up for the Bitters & Tinctures Workshop here.

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Become a Master Mixologist Through Cocktail Education

These skills aren’t just about mixing drinks; they’re about understanding and making handcrafted cocktails that push the boundaries and please the palate. Take a course, and learn to elevate your cocktails from ordinary to extraordinary!

(Side note: All of the finished products from these courses also make super fun gift ideas.)

Ready to embark on this flavor-filled journey? Sign up for one, two, or all three courses here, and become a mixology expert with some serious new skills!

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