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Celebrate Spicy Margarita Week with Tanteo Tequila

Tanteo Tequila—the New York-based, leading producer of ultra-premium, 100 percent agave tequilas and pioneer of spicy tequila, has announced the upcoming celebration of SPICY MARGARITA WEEK during January 22-28, the brand will donate $1 for every spicy Margarita with Tanteo Tequila sold to select charities across the nation.

With the launch of the 2024 SPICY MARGARITA WEEK, Tanteo Tequila aims to unite people across the country with the fan-favorite cocktail while sharing the importance and passion for sustainability efforts that make a significant difference.

“We’re excited to host a week of spicy Margaritas that make communities more sustainable for future generations,” says Neil Grosscup, CEO. “Through Spicy Margarita Week, we hope to have a lot of fun while giving back.”

Originally inspired by National Spicy Margarita Day on January 26, created in honor of late founder Jonathan Rojewski’s birthday, Tanteo Tequila is thrilled to invite individuals for a week-long celebration to indulge in their unique tequila flavors while making a positive impact in their local communities.

Tanteo Tequila takes great pride in sourcing agave from the fertile La Cienega region in Mexico, strategically located between the highlands and lowlands regions of tequila country. The agaves are meticulously handpicked at the peak of maturity and then undergo a traditional, small-batch production process. They are traditionally produced in brick ovens and double-distilled to ensure the highest quality.

But what sets Tanteo apart is their dedication to infusing freshly picked peppers into their, overproof blanco tequila. Carefully considering the age and heat intensity of the peppers, Tanteo creates a truly unique and spicy tequila. From the moment the agave is grown to the final pour, every detail is meticulously honored, resulting in an exceptional tequila that stands out from the rest.

To participate in SPICY MARGARITA WEEK, individuals are encouraged to visit their favorite local bars and restaurants and order select cocktails and Margaritas made with Tanteo Tequila.

To learn more about SPICY MARGARITA WEEK and to view a list of participating establishments, please visit Tanteo Tequila’s website at

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