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Four whisky distilleries we’re excited about for 2024

With a new year comes new hopes and we’re looking forward to seeing what distilleries impress us this year. Join us as we raise a glass to distilleries releasing whisky for the first time in 2024, those who have already showed us a glimpse and we can’t wait to see more from, and to those making comebacks. Here are four whisky distilleries we have our eye on in 2024.

We’ve had the gin, now it’s time for whisky!

In the Welsh Wind Distillery, Wales

More Welsh whisky is what we are expecting to see this year as the In the Welsh Wind Distillery plans to release its first bottle in 2024. Its single malt is made with champions barley grown locally to the distillery, malted in small batches on-site using traditional floor malting techniques, and mashed in on ‘green grain’ – a process that it believes is unique in the UK and is done to preserve more of its local grain flavour in the final spirit. More on all this to follow when we can taste that sweet new whisky. We can’t wait. 

The beautiful Isle of Harris Distillery

Isle of Harris Distillery, Scotland

The Hearach launched to fine reviews at the end of last year and now going into 2024 we have nice high expectations for the community-centred project that is the Isle of Harris Distillery. The first-ever licensed distillery on the island has started strong and has an ethos that is backed by a spirit that has real potential. It’s one of many we want to see more from. We’re thinking of you, Holyrood, as well.

We think the Indri whisky brand will go far

Indri, Piccadily Distilleries, India

Piccadily Distilleries was formally set up in 1967 and is the largest producer of malt spirits in the country. So what on earth is it doing on this list? Well, its Indri brand has steadily gained steam over the last couple of years and we think this is the year that it will truly enter the limelight, and with good reason. This is impressive stuff, made from traditional Indian six-row barley and aged using a diverse maturation programme. International medals have started to come for the distillery already and it feels like this is just the beginning. 

Port Ellen is close to completing its comeback

Port Ellen Distillery, Islay, Scotland

Yeah, you might have heard of this one. But this is the year cult Islay distillery Port Ellen finally reopens. Probably. Delays have been part of the process of reviving this giant for Diageo, which has pumped millions into the regeneration project since 2017. The plan is to create single malts as they tasted decades ago and while new whisky isn’t expected until 2031, a visitor centre will be on-site so whisky lovers can finally see how Diageo plans to match the legend this year. 

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