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We’re Recapping ELEVATE 2023: Building your Personal Brand Seminar

“If we don’t define our own ‘personal brand’ for ourselves, other people will define it for us.” That was one of the powerful opening lines at the Building your Personal Brand seminar held during our Chilled Elevate 2023 event.

Industry marketing and PR professionals Anastasia Tarasova, Greg Cohen, and James Curich gave an in-depth view into learning and recognizing your values and strengths, capitalizing on your passions, and crafting your personal brand into something you can use to propel yourself to the next level in your career.

It may seem like simple logic, but the truth is not everyone does what it takes to get where they want to be, regardless of their desire to achieve certain goals. Getting organized, staying focused, and putting into place some proven strategies are key to building your own success, on your own terms.

Begin by defining how people will see you. Have you thought out what you want your “personal brand” to look like? Once you are clear on who you want to be seen as – Train. Learn. Show up. Build a strong network, and most of all – be consistent.

Next – Determine your purpose. What do you want people to think about when they think about you and your business/brand? Take the time to write that out. Define yourself in one “elevator pitch” sentence that sends a clear and concise message about you.

Now that you understand what you want for your image and goals—Move! Put yourself out there and work at it every day. Be specific and thoughtful in your actions, both in life and on social media. Take the time to celebrate others—cheering on their successes, efforts, and accomplishments. Do the work that needs to be done. Ask others in the same field as you how things look – and be ready to accept their honest feedback. Assess and reassess as you move forward and grow. Never stop learning, on your own and from the people around you.

In short, show up for yourself, every single day. Become the “go to” person in your field, proving what a valuable asset, you are. Keep your focus, staying true to your highest standards and you will be able to build your brand and control your own legacy.

A big thank you to Anastasia, Greg, and James for sharing their time, talent, and wisdom with all of us at Chilled Elevate 2023! Thank you!

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