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What do people drink on Valentine’s Day?

Well, the big day is inexorably looming. You’ve seen the balloons in shops, you’ve seen the cards, and you’ve seen the wall-to-wall pink. There’s no getting away from it: Valentine’s Day is coming! And I know what you’re thinking, is it ok just to pick up some flowers from the petrol station? Oh, you’re not thinking that. Maybe it’s just me.

But what you are thinking is: what should I drink on Valentine’s Day?

Whatever you choose to drink, do not go to a restaurant; you’ll be crammed in with an overpriced menu and all those couples with nothing to say to each other. A simple meal cooked at home and something delicious to drink works best.

But what? Well, judging from my inbox, pink fizz. I’ve put a couple in below but it doesn’t have to be pink or fizzy. It must, however, have some frivolity about it, you don’t want to spoil the moment by taking notes or making slurping noises (unless your partner wants to, I’m not judging). But neither is it a time to be cheap. 

Finally, you don’t want too much alcohol, the danger for parents of young children is that you’ll drink too much, fall asleep and wake in the morning with a splitting headache without having achieved the necessary amount of romance. Or perhaps I’m giving far too much away.

Right, let’s get on with it!

What drink is good for romance?

Something pink 

There’s no getting away from pink fizz on Valentine’s Day. Pink Champagne really is the drink du jour. Or pink Cava, Prosecco or English sparkling wine, we’re not going to judge you. But cliches aside: something fizzy really is the way to go. Here are a couple of options:

Perrier-Jouët Blason Rosé

Lanson Le Rosé 

Something red

The obvious choice here is pinot noir, which is often referred to by wine buffs as the sexiest of all grapes. But anything elegant, perfumed and drinkable, no massive sturdy cabernets please, would be great. Like Rioja or what about a Saint Amour from Beaujolais? The clue is in the name.

Faustino Rioja Red Wine Experience Gift Pack

Domaine Chardigny Saint Amour A la Folie 2018

Something white

What you want here is a wine that will make your beau go ‘hmmmm’, and smile lazily at you. A nice white Burgundy or similar chardonnay fits the bill perfectly here.

Lyme Bay Winery Chardonnay 2021 

Domaine de la Croix Senaillet Saint-Veran 2020 

Something sweet

If you have a sweet tooth, we have all manner of delicious sweet Valentine’s Day cocktails that we have rounded up recently. Or why not try these two sure-fire winners?

Project 173 Chocolate Rum

Adriatico Amaretto

Something strong

Whether you’re a whisky lover, a gin enthusiast or rum nut, a dram, a cocktail or a mixed drink makes a fine aid to the magic of love.

Mermaid Pink Gin

Tobermory 12 Year Old

Something expensive

Sometimes you just have to push the boat out for Valentine’s Day and splash out on something seriously fancy. Apologies for the mixed metaphor. 

Balvenie 30 Year Old

Kaiyo Japanese Whisky

So what is the most romantic form of alcohol?

Well, we’ve weighed up all the evidence and provided you with some great options for romantic boozing but now it’s decision time. What’s the most romantic drink to share this Valentine’s Day? While we are Master of Malt, so we’re tempted to say a fine Scotch whisky, I’m afraid we’re going to come down on the side of tradition. Ignore the haters and the hipsters, the best drink for Valentine’s Day is pink Champagne.  Sometimes the most obvious choices are the best. And don’t forget the flowers. 

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