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We’re Recapping Chilled 100 ELEVATE: Dinner at Le Moo Hosted by Courvoisier

With transportation on party limousine/bus, we knew we were in for a memorable experience when we headed to Le Moo Restaurant in the Highlands Neighborhood of Louisville.

Once there, the door was held for us as we were directed to a special room reminiscent of a European wine cellar.

We were seated and were served our first cocktail, Paper Plane, made with Courvoisier or Basil Hayden Bourbon, Aperol, Amara Nomino, and lemon juice. While enjoying it, our hosts for the evening, Zahra Bates, representing Courvoisier, and Beth Rose Burrows, Senior American Whiskey Ambassador for James B. Beam Distilling Co., introduced themselves.

Presenters paired their spirits collaboratively since Courvoisier is an award-winning cognac, and Basil Hayden is produced in small-quality batches.

Owner of Le Moo Greeted Us

Kevin Grangier, an award-winning marketing and communications professional and owner of Le Moo, welcomed us to the Fine+Steak+House for the evening. His pride overflowed as he talked about Sunday and Monday nights. He invites non-profits to host the evening, and 10 percent of the profits go to the organizations.

Special evenings at Le Moo may include a Tableside Chef Presentation, Dinner with 18 oz of Tenderloin Flights, plus their famous Brunch with French Press Coffee. With many rooms, the restaurant is a great place to reserve meetings and special events space.

Dinner Menu

Oh my, from start to finish, every dish hits its mark.

• Hors D’oeuvres – Bruschetta

• Salad—Mixed Greens, tomatoes, red onions, cucumber, cedar, croutons, and house vinaigrette.

• Entrée—4 choices. My 8 oz Prime Filet with whipped potatoes and sauteed asparagus was perfect.

• Dessert—Pecan Pie Layered Cheesecake-Vanilla Cheesecake with Nila wafer-pecan pie layered crust salted bourbon caramel, whipped cream.

A Little History of Courvoisier

Since its founding in 1828 by the charismatic Félix Courvoisier, embracing the spirit of Joie De Vivre and celebrating joy every day has defined Maison Courvoisier. He created a Cognac House that was refreshingly different, warm & welcoming to all. Félix grew up in Paris at an inspiring and sociable time, during the blossoming of the Belle Époque and the age of the gastronomes, when food and drink were for pleasure, not just survival.

Courvoisier is also known for its outstanding packaging. Presented to attendees at the dinner was a box and bottle of VSOP with the designer label by British-Nigerian artist Yinka Ilori. This is a unique gift. Only 1,000 of these are in this special edition, and 24 were given out at the Chilled100 Elevate Dinner.

A Little History of Basil Hayden

Basil Hayden was created by 6th Generation Master Distiller Booker Noe in 1992 as part of the Small Batch American Whiskey Collection. Basil Hayden is a high Rye Bourbon Mash bill that utilizes a yeast strain used in the rest of the Small Batch Collection.

Basil Hayden has a charred oak flavor that is complimented with sweet brown sugar, a touch of black pepper, and dried fruit. It is a light and bright Aperitif for cocktails such as a classic cocktail –Manhattan.

An Overview of the Evening

The two women presented with humor and were excellent together. Their understanding and pride in their brands were undeniable. We learned about their brands through their decision to pair bourbon and cognac with each presentation and the area where these spirits are produced.

One would think Kentucky and France’s spirits don’t have much in common. However, this presentation helped us understand that traditional ways of distilling and producing fine bourbon exist in the United States with the Basil Hayden Brand.

One can count on Courvoisier for your cognac, for it has repeatedly proven that its quality is not only in demand but also appreciated for its outstanding product.

It was an outstanding evening, and this writer feels honored she experienced tasting and learning about the Basil Hayden and Courvoisier brands.

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