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Top 10 drinks for Valentine’s Day

We’ve got all sorts in our Valentine’s Gift finder, so I’ve had a little root around and picked out some highlights that you ought not to miss, especially if you plan to crack them open on the day itself. Of course, I’ve picked some whiskies, but I’ve delved into other realms too, and there’s all kinds of treasure to be found. Whether you’re stirring up cocktails, giving a gift, or cracking open a bottle to sip and share, you can impress your beloved with ease with any of these shiny choices. 

Top 10 drinks for Valentine’s Day

Perrier-Jouët Blanc de Blancs Gift Pack with 2x Glasses Champagne

I’m not usually one for bubbles, but I don’t mind a glass of the good stuff when it comes my way, and this is a Valentine’s list, so we can’t have no bubbles. Made using 100% Chardonnay grapes, Perrier-Jouët Blanc de Blancs certainly counts as the good stuff in my book, and this set comes with a pair of very handsome glasses with a painted floral design that is… you guessed it – ideal for Valentine’s Day! 

Green Spot Single Pot Still Whiskey

If you know an Irish whiskey fan, and especially, if you want to woo that Irish whiskey fan, go for a bottle of Green Spot. With robust layers of sweet barley, creamy vanilla and fragrant spice, it’s a real classic when it comes to pot still whiskey, a critics’ favourite, and certainly popular here at MoM Towers. 

VIVIR Tequila Añejo

I’m a big fan of the VIVIR Tequila range, and with its rich profile and silky texture, I can imagine this Añejo making the perfect after-supper sipper. You know I mean Valentine’s supper. M&S meal deal for two. I also don’t need to imagine, I know full well that it works great in a twist on an Espresso Martini. 

Cherry Brandy

Told you I’ve gone all over the realms in my search for the perfect Valentine’s concoctions, and this one is something a bit different. Intense, rich, sweet, and decadent (and moreish) sipped neat, it’s also superbly versatile for adding fruity depth to other serves. Try a splash in Prosecco (the one from your M&S meal deal), or in place of grenadine for tropical cocktails.

Black & Gold 11 Year Old Bourbon Whiskey

11 years is a relatively long time for bourbon to age, with the majority on the market spending significantly less time in cask. Matured in slowly charred oak barrels to bring out decadent notes of vanilla, brown sugar, and cigar box spice, this generously aged bourbon is a bit of a find – whether you’re buying for a hardened bourbon drinker, or someone looking to make their first break away from the big names. Top stuff for sipping, or stir up a fancy Old Fashioned. 

Pierre Ferrand Ten Générations

Cognac always seems like a fancy drink, so what better time to get stuck into a bottle than after a fancy Valentine’s dinner when you’re trying to act all fancy? This one looks the part on the table, and its light, elegant profile with delicate stone fruit and nuttiness make it a superbly approachable sipper. Also, not so pricey that you’d feel too frivolous rustling up some romantic cocktails, a Sidecar or two, or, if you’re feeling confident… a Between The Sheets?

Loch Lomond 14 Year Old

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten to look at the Scotch! The gift finder is jam-packed with gems for Valentine’s Day. I’ve picked out a single malt from Loch Lomond – matured in American oak and finished in Limousin oak casks, the 14-year-old boasts a rich, creamy profile of honeyed fruit, soft spice and subtle smoke. I reckon this is a great all-rounder to bring together whisky drinkers with varied tastes. 

Highland Park 12 Year Old – Viking Honour Glass Gift Set with 2x Peedie Glasses

Another great choice for a gift, but better still to crack open and share. This edition of Highland Park’s 12 Year Old Viking Honour comes with a smart pair of glasses so you’re all set for an evening’s whisky tasting. Don’t forget your notebook, and you can impress even further by brushing up on some fancy lingo using Henry’s blog right hereSome might find the Highland Park bottles a little imposing, but with juicy layers of fruit, citrus, and softly floral honey, its whisky is superb. 

Procera Gin Blue Dot 2022 Vintage

The Procera Gin range is pretty fascinating stuff, distilled in Nairobi, using 11 botanicals from across Africa, including the rare Juniper Procera, which only grows in the highlands of Kenya and Ethiopia. Also, the hand-blown glass bottles really are beautiful, so it would make a gift to remember on Valentine’s Day.  

Plantation XO Barbados 20th Anniversary Gift Pack with 2x Glasses

Wrapping things up with a rum, and keeping things fancy, I’ve picked this gift set from Plantation (which on a side note, is currently rebranding to Planteray). Its XO Barbados rum is a laid-back sipper, housed in an impressively weighty bottle, and here, it’s accompanied by a pair of rather nice glasses. It’s a rum that ought to stand out from your regular weeknight sipping and help you achieve that special Valentine’s glow, just like in a TV advert for a romantic meal deal. 

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