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5 Essential Cocktails for February

Each month Chilled presents you with five essential cocktails based on our National Drink Day Calendar. Don’t forget to reference it so you can prepare for the upcoming holidays.

If you need some cocktail inspiration, we have you covered. Bring your guests along for a flavor exploration during the month of love. These five cocktails will elevate your gatherings and add a memorable experience with every sip.

Picture a menu that not only will satisfy but also calls for a celebration. These five cocktails embrace the cozy vibes, offer twists on classics and favorites, and bring something new and exciting. It has a little something for everyone—even those who want to escape the cold weather.

Here are five cocktails to have on your radar this month.

Chocolate Spice Martini

Skip the box of candy this month and drink your chocolates instead. On February 1, kick off the month of love with a Chocolate Spice Martini. The chocolate vodka adds a subtle warmth that’s complemented by the rich and creamy liqueur. It’s a perfect after-dinner delight for those who want something rich and sweet.

Blueberry Pisco Sour

On International Pisco Sour Day (2/3), try this twist on the classic cocktail. The added blueberry shrub brings just the right amount of sweetness. With each sip, you’ll experience the fruity blueberries mixed with the earthy depth of the pisco. It’s a refreshing but sophisticated drink that is perfect for all occasions.

Lucky Rooster

If you’re celebrating the Chinese New Year on February 10, you’ll need a cocktail to toast with. It’s a tradition to come together on this day and celebrate ancient history and modern cheerfulness. This cocktail is perfect for the occasion. It uses a traditional Chinese cooking spice to bring depth to this tasty drink.

Island Time

Who doesn’t want to be on island time during the cold weather? Escape to warmer days with this tropical cocktail on National Almond Day (2/16). This cocktail’s base uses an almond milk liqueur, making it the ultimate option for those who are dairy-free. The creaminess from the liqueur is perfectly balanced with coconut water and pineapple juice, inviting you to savor every last drop.

Pistachio Gin Sour

This nutty libation is bound to elevate your cocktail experience. There is no better time to try this spin on a classic than National Pistachio Day (2/26). The combination of earthy notes from the pistachio and gin gets balanced by the tang of lemon juice and the creaminess of the egg. Topped with sugar that’s bruleéd to perfection, this cocktail has just the right amount of sweetness.

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