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Thunder Bitch Canadian Whisky Liqueur

Combining Canadian whisky, cinnamon and chili, Thunder Bitch is a whisky liqueur that will make its U.S. debut at Guy Fieri’s annual Flavortown Tailgate party during Super Bowl Sunday in Las Vegas on Feb. 11.

The name Thunder Bitch traces its origins back 150 years to Thunder Bay, Ontario, on the U.S. Canadian border, where Canadian whisky was often smuggled across Lake Superior during Prohibition. To help combat the practice, U.S. border control employed specially trained female dogs, or “bitches,” to sniff out and detect the contraband whisky. But smugglers got wise and began to hide the whisky in stacks of cinnamon and chili, which in turn inspired a new spirit, the company says.

The new product was named Thunder Bitch.

“It’s powerfully spicy, yet also sweet and soft which makes it a fantastic shot, served very cold,” says Matt Appleby, CEO of Dallas-based Zamora Company.

The spirit has an aroma of cinnamon with vanilla notes, the company reports. The taste is spicy, balanced with the sweetness and texture of cinnamon.

Thunder Bitch is 60 proof. The suggested retail price is $17.99 per 750-ml. bottle.

After its debut in Las Vegas, the product will roll out across the U.S. over the coming months.

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