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Our favourite cool gifts for Valentine’s Day

People always tell you that there’s no such thing as cool. Or maybe that was just my mum telling me that when I was in Year 7. Anyhow, whatever you definition of cool is, we’re sure these Valentine’s Day gifts will fit the bill. Forget flowers and chocolates this year – why not surprise your special someone with something off the beaten track? We’ve strayed from the path, and it’s delicious out here. Ready to steal our creative ideas?

7 cool gifts for Valentine’s Day

First thing’s first, our Valentine’s Day Gift Finder has been painstakingly put together by our team of spirits experts and cocktail fiends. No matter whether you want to have a fling with gin, romance with rum, or run away with whisky, we’ve got you covered. These bottles look and taste the part, because we know how important it is to impress.

But if you’re after something with a bit more edge, let us introduce you to our cool Valentine’s Day gifts. You’re going to love them, and, if you can bear to give them away, someone else will too.

Negroni bundle

There’s little more romantic than Italy, with its gastronomic wonders. We can’t help you cook them a sumptuous bowl of pasta this Valentine’s Day, but we can help you create the perfect Negroni bundle. You tailor it to the lucky recipient, mixing and matching the gin, vermouth, and bitter, so it’s super personal. Oh, and at the checkout you get 25% off! Aren’t we nice.

Fallen Angel Spiced Rum

Say goodbye to a stereotypical pink and fluffy Valentine’s, but don’t scrimp on romantic gestures. The Fallen Angel range has made us all want a demonic head-shaped bottle in our collection, and the gently sweet Spiced Rum is wonderful. Plus, when you present it to your beloved you can use the cringiest chat-up line of all time: “Did it hurt?”

Pimentae Tommy’s Spicy Margarita

The Pimentae team know how to keep it spicy, but no need to shake it up here – all the hard work has been done when it comes to this Spicy Margarita. A seriously good balance of, lime, chilli, and agave is the name of the game here, and the hand-drawn label is stunning enough to be framed. That’s Valentine’s Day cocktails sorted, and next year you can whack a candle in the empty bottle for your table centrepiece.

Wormtub 10 Year Old

If they love really good whisky, look no further. Wormtub is a simple sell: it’s a Speyside single malt from a distillery that’s known for using wormtub condensers, matured in first-fill sherry casks, and bottled at cask strength (without chill filtration or colouring) after 10 years. It’s robust, it’s meaty, and it’s balanced by all of that lovely fruity, sherried goodness. If that’s not cool, we don’t know what is.

Dos Hombres Mezcal

A seriously good mezcal with a splash of celebrity glamour – even better for fans of Breaking Bad (which is everyone, right?). Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul couldn’t give up their bromance after the end of the series, so they got cooking again, this time with agave. The results are delicious. To (sort of) quote Jesse Pinkman: Valentine’s Day, b*tch!

Kyrö Dark Gin

Cask-aged gin is most certainly cool right now. Down with the kids. En vogue. A la carte. However you like to say it, there’s no denying that aged gin having a moment, and we don’t think it’ll be a fleeting one either. It’s the prime spirit for Negroni lovers, and might even be the gin to convert whisky enthusiasts. This one 

Master of Malt Prime

Last but not least, how about a Master of Malt Prime subscription? It gets you get unlimited free express delivery on all your UK orders (no matter how big or small) for an entire year, as well as access to special pricing, early access to new releases, and exclusive bottlings that aren’t available anywhere else. Perfect for those people who will clock their basket up to £100, and throw it all away because of a few quid postage. It’s me. I’m those people.

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