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We’re Recapping ELEVATE 2023: Elevate Your Storytelling Seminar

How to Make Your Guest Drunk on a Story so that Next Time They Come for More?

An usual title, indeed. However, Anastasia Taracor, a product placement person for shows such as The Morning Show and Succession, uses her 15 years of brand placement to illustrate her point.

She explains people go to movies and bars to escape, be entertained, or appreciate the aesthetics of a bar. They go there to connect with others or go solo. In this atmosphere, stories become an important element of the experience.

In movies, a hero is involved in a challenge or has a love interest. Then, there is a guide whose role is to help the hero to understand or succeed.

This same scenario is found in a bar. The customer is the hero, and you, the bartender, are the guide. When customers recognize you as a guide, they want you to help them understand and succeed in bringing a new understanding of a subject.

Thus, it is up to you to tell a story that keeps your customer engaged. Here are some ways to do this:

• Talk to them about the ingredients in the cocktail you are making for them.
• Use your artistic movements to help make it fun to watch you make the cocktail.
• Share with them how the bar got its name.
• Share a brief recap of how you became a mixologist at this bar.
• Movies you are excited about.
• Ingredients you are working with to create new cocktails.

Work as a Team

In the middle of your story, you will sometimes be interrupted. There is a way to carry on the story and keep your customer engaged. Set up a meeting and discuss with the assembled team your stories. Thus, if you are called away from the story, the team member can pick up the narrative to keep the customer engaged.

Think of it like sharing a family meal. You are talking about your work, and a family member who knows the story finishes the story when you have to take an important phone call.


5 Mistakes You Can Make When Storytelling

• You are at low energy and make it seem like talking is a chore.
• Inauthenticity – People can tell if you are making things up.
• Lack of Clarity – You take too long to get to the point.
• Overpouring—You are sharing intimate details about yourself or colleagues.
• Ignorance—If you don’t know the answer, say so.

Stories are a Magnet

People in bars typically want to talk to someone, and being entertained with an engaging story helps add to their experience.

Ingredients of successful storytelling:

• Curiosity—Keep growing and learning so you have things to share.
• Emotion—Telling a story in a monotone does not hold a person’s interest.
• Action—Ask questions. Keep the customer engaged.

Stories are magnets that create a way for people to connect. Remember, you, the bartenders, are the guides. Use your talent and storytelling to keep the customer wanting to return for more.

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