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Introducing Our New Lemon Zester

Hey, friends!

We’re excited to unveil our latest gem at A Bar Above: the citrus zester! This nifty tool extracts that exciting flavor of citrus easily & quickly. 


What is a Lemon Zester?

A zester is a kitchen tool dedicated to extracting the flavorful oils and zesty tang from citrus fruit. It’s kind of like a cheese grater but made specifically for citrus peel. (If you’ve ever tried using an actual cheese grater on an orange or lemon peel to try to get strips of zest, you know it doesn’t really work super well.) 

It’s got these tiny sharp holes that work wonders in removing just the outer layer of the peel– without getting any of that bitter pith, leaving you with the fresh flavors of citrus in all your favorite dishes and cocktails.

Ours features an ergonomic handle and food-grade stainless steel blade for ultimate comfort & food safety. And it’s dishwasher safe!


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What are the Benefits of a Lemon Zester?

Using a zester is an efficient way to get that zesty flavor into your cooking and craft cocktails, cutting into fruit peels at the perfect depth– without the grated knuckles that other brands often cause. 

Not only does it save time in prep, but it also prevents any wastage of the citrus fruit since you’re just taking the outer layer and none of the pith. When making baked items like orange bread, I will use my kitchen zester to grate an orange and then a hand juicer to extract juice from the same orange– very efficient.

Plus, they’re really easy to use and take up way less room than a bulky box grater. And they can work with garlic, fresh ginger, and parmesan cheese to add a little extra flavor to dishes.


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How to Make Zesting a Breeze

Using our citrus zester is simple: Take your fresh lemon, lime, or orange, and firmly guide the sharp grater side back-and-forth across the outermost layer of the entire peel. Make sure you apply just enough pressure to get that beautiful zest without going too deep into the fruit and hitting the white pith.

The result? A fine, aromatic zest of citrus flavor that’ll elevate your cocktails and culinary creations.


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Zest Up Your Life!

Here are just a few ideas of what to use your lemon zester tool to create:

Add vibrant flavor through oleo saccharum for cocktail syrups.
Sprinkle lemon zest over your favorite spaghetti.
Add citrus to a marinade for an extra zing.
Dash grated flesh from citrus into your salad or salad dressing.
Infuse your lemon desserts & other treats with a burst of citrusy brightness.
Add a pinch of orange zest to your cocktail.


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Cocktail Recipes that Use Citrus Zest

Here are just a few mixed drink recipes to get you started with your new kitchen zester (Click on each link to get the recipes):

Garden Party Mocktail
Skinny Margarita with orange zest
Regent Punch
Paloma cocktail


Grab Your Zester Today!

Ready to take your bartending & cooking game to the next level? Our new citrus zester tool is just what you need in your kitchen arsenal. It’s also the perfect pairing for our channel knife, citrus & vegetable peeler, and citrus juicer. Get yours now and start zesting up your dishes, desserts, and drinks like a pro!

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