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Sip Eau Palm Beach’s Cupid’s Kiss Paloma this Valentine’s Day

“Oooh.” The first thing you notice when you walk into Florida’s Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa is its spectacular lobby: swank chandeliers that cast a bright glow on shiny marble floors.

And as you make your way through the room complete with couches, what’s that, beyond the glass doors? The sparkling, stunning Atlantic, no doubt eager for you to jump in and splash around. Come on in, the water’s excellent.

It’s my first time in Palm Beach and my first stop is the Eau (pronounced “Ohh”). Located just on the edge of the southern part of this chic Florida community (in walkable Manalapan), the sprawling seaside resort offers the exact kind of escape from normal life one desires. Rent? Taxes? The jury duty letters stacking up in your mailbox? Nothing really seems important when you’re floating in one of their oceanfront pools, or sipping a frozen one in the sun (and yes, you can order from your lounge chair).

Paradise here also includes waking up in one of the property’s water-facing rooms. Some people arise from their slumber drooling while staring at a wall. At the Eau, slowly open your eyes to the providential view of the glorious sun rising above the ocean. It’s enough to make you want to quit your job and become a beach bum.

But any amount of aquatics and sun are no match for its impressive food and beverage scene. That includes Polpo, an east-coast inspired Italian restaurant which boasts dishes that make you believe you’re somewhere deep in Jersey (when it comes to the food at least). Since I’ve been in a martini mood, I ordered a Ketel One Dirty Martini to start; a chilled salty delight that paired perfectly with a spicy plate of Stuffed Long Hot Peppers, a tri-state delight, with some bites not for the faint of heart. Meanwhile, seafood dishes like Baked Clams, Linguine Con Vongole and Grilled Polpo (Italian for “octopus”) perfectly complement the views: look over there, it’s the ocean again in all its glistening glory.

When it comes to their cocktails, the Eau as a whole is known for a delicious seasonal array of libations. This past January, the effervescent Winter Spritz was on full display (Prescribed Gin, Aperol and Cara Cara Orange Juice), while March aptly boasts the St Patrick’s Day-themed Rocky Road to Dublin (Jameson Stout, Green Chartreuse, a few dashes of Peychaud’s).

Naturally, February’s cocktail star is a Valentine’s-themed concoction, mixed up with tequila and grapefruit juice. Dubbed Cupid’s Kiss Paloma, visit the Eau to sip one by the sea: or bring the resort straight to you by whipping up one at home.

Cupid’s Kiss Paloma


2 oz Codigo Rosa Tequila
½ oz Fresh Grapefruit Juice
1 Strawberry, halved
2 Raspberries
Splash of Agave Syrup


Add the one half of the strawberry and the raspberries to a cocktail shaker.
Muddle with agave, add ice, tequila and grapefruit juice and shake.
Strain into a rocks glass over a large ice cube adding one bar spoon of the muddled fruit.
Top off with Grapefruit LaCroix.
Garnish with the other half of the strawberry.

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