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Beverage Spotlight: The Basics of Drinking Mediterranean Gin

Drinking alcoholic beverages is always a fun thing to do, but only when in moderation. There are many alcoholic drinks available, and they all have different kicks that contribute to their uniqueness. Gin is a perfect example of this, which is made with juniper berries as its primary ingredient. Among its many variants, Mediterranean Gin is particularly famous.

Mediterranean Gin is a variant made using the Mediterranean botanicals, which are botanicals native to the Mediterranean region and are specific to gin. The gin has a unique, herbaceous flavour to it. A gin of this value isn’t something you just sip because you have to savour it. For this reason, we’ll discuss the basics of Mediterranean Gin.

More about Mediterranean Gin

Mediterranean Gin is made using a combination of Mediterranean botanicals, including juniper, lemon, orange, basil, fennel, and lavender. These botanicals are distinct from those commonly used for traditional gins. The Mediterranean region has several unique botanicals, giving this gin its distinctive flavour.

Characteristics of Mediterranean Gin

Mediterranean Gin is a milder gin variant because it’s not made using the English gin botanicals such as angelica, cinnamon, cardamom, and coriander. Its lighter colour and milder flavour make it an excellent option for a summer drink because you can mix it easily with juice.

The Mediterranean region is one for leisure, sunshine, and beaches, reflecting in the gin. The aromatic spice used in this gin is unique, and when mixed with a particular gin, it subtly enhances the taste, making it a perfect choice for the cocktail or straight-up.

What Is Mediterranean Gin Used For?

Mediterranean Gin is used for the following cocktails:

Pink Gin

Pink Gin is a gin cocktail with lemon juice that is a favourite among Brits. It’s easy to make at home and is refreshing to drink during the hot days of summer. The juice of the lemon enhances the citrusy character of the gin, and the mint leaves add a refreshing flavour to it.

Old Tom Gin

Old Tom Gin has a strong juniper flavour with a light floral aftertaste. It’s traditionally made using Martin Miller’s Gin, which has a stronger hint of the juniper flavour, which is its claim to fame.

The Martinez

The Martinez is a refreshing cocktail that uses vermouth. If you don’t have vermouth, you can use white wine instead. It’s a great drink to enjoy during the summer, and the Mediterranean gin can be substituted with the traditional gin.

Besides these cocktails, Mediterranean Gin is used to create a variety of drinks such as a Gimlet, Gimlet Pink, and the Dry Martini.

The Mediterranean Tonic

The Mediterranean Tonic may not sound like a cocktail, but it’s a beautiful drink that can be made using Mediterranean gin and tonic water. It’s a great drink when you are in the mood for a drink but don’t want to create a cocktail. The Mediterranean gin has a sweet taste, and the tonic water has a bitter taste, so mixing the two gives you a refreshing drink that stimulates the appetite.

The Mediterranean Gin and Tonic

The Mediterranean Gin and Tonic is the more sophisticated version of the Mediterranean Tonic. It’s the same with the Mediterranean Gin and the tonic water, but you can also add a twist by adding slices of citrus fruits.

Making the Perfect Mediterranean Gin Drink

While making Mediterranean Gin, you should keep a few things in mind. For one, you should use high-quality tonic water because the taste of the tonic water can be overpowering and ruin the taste of the Mediterranean Gin. Also, remember that the Mediterranean Gin is more delicate than the English gin, so you may have to use less gin than you would typically use.

Furthermore, you should mix the Mediterranean Gin with the tonic water in a ratio of 3:2, respectively. If you make a drink with Mediterranean Gin and Tonic Water, then you should mix them in a ratio of 1:1.


Mediterranean Gin is a gin variant made using unique Mediterranean botanicals. It has a very distinctive taste, and it’s excellent for all gin lovers or otherwise. Mediterranean Gin is one to consider if you’re looking for a drink to make a cocktail.

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