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We’re Recapping ELEVATE 2023 with Rabbit Hole—Bourbon and Boards

Of course, we are all familiar with the pairing of wines with cheese boards, but how many times have you done a bourbon and cheese board pairing? If the answer is none – then you are most definitely missing out!

Rabbit Hole Bourbon and Boards was a huge hit with everyone who attended this unique and innovative seminar. Rabbit Hole Brand Ambassador Kristie Duve and Jessica Mattingly, owner of Cultured Cheese Shop and bar, hosted this brilliantly fun workshop – pairing bread, cheeses, nuts, honey, and even pickles – with a selection of Rabbit Hole bourbons.

The passion and purpose of Rabbit Hole whiskies is based on creativity, craft, and care. Being committed to those standards is clearly a reason Rabbit Hole is a standout in the world of bourbons. Paired with our board, we sampled their Cavehill, Heigold, Dareringer, and Boxergrail bourbon, as well as Rabelo, which is finished in ruby port casks. Each expression offered a different experience and brought to the glass a style of bourbon that showed off both the traditional history behind this whiskey, and a glimpse into the sophistication new techniques can contribute.

Showcasing the same creativity Rabbit Hole is founded on, Bourbons and Boards really was a fantastic, interesting, and fun seminar with such a cool twist on the old tradition of pairing wine and cheese together. This was one of our favorite seminars at Chilled 100 ELEVATE 2023!

Thank you so much to Rabbit Hole Distillery for sponsoring this event, to Kristie and Jessica for hosting this workshop and for our beautiful keepsake charcuterie boards. We will be talking about this seminar for a long time!

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