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Gifts for Mother’s Day 2024

Our Mother’s Day Gift Finder is about to land, and it’s heaving with delicious drinks based presents. So many, in fact, that you might get lost, fill your basket with things for yourself, and forget you were ever there looking for a Mother’s Day gift. Let’s focus people! I’ve picked out some highlights here that I think will make the day special, whether you’re getting together to share a glass, sending a gift from afar, or perhaps planning to impress with some home made Mother’s Day cocktails. 

Gifts for Mother’s Day 2024

St. George Terroir Gin

St. George Terroir Gin! I used to bang on about this all the time but it somehow fell off my radar of late. When I spotted it in the Mother’s Day Gift Finder, it felt a bit like reuniting with a long lost friend. Gin isn’t usually top of the spirits list for me but this one really stands out, with a viscous, almost oily texture, and intensely herbaceous pine forest character. Great for spirit forward cocktails, and with enough character to shine in a G&T. 

Doorly’s 14 Year Old

Beautiful Barbadian rum from the legendary Foursquare, the Doorly’s range offers an opportunity to explore the superb rum produced there, and at a brilliant bang for your buck. This is a blend of pot and column still rum, matured predominantly in bourbon casks, with a portion drawn from Madeira wine casks. Pretty label too, there’s a parrot. Squawk. 

Kyrö Tasting Set

The great thing about tasting sets is that there’s more to explore – the whole thing feels like more of an experience than just opening a single bottle. You get to compare different spirits, giving them your full attention, and it can really help in carving the path to finding new favourites. They can be a good talking point too, why not share the samples, or double up and buy two, then settle in for a Mother’s Day tasting! From classic gin to pink gin to cask aged gin to rye whisky, this set from Kyrö takes you on a journey through what the brilliant Finnish distillery has to offer. 

Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut Gift Pack with 2 x Flutes

Clink clink clink! Time to raise a toast, something about a wonderful mum and a happy Mother’s Day. Special bubbles for a special mum, the proper good stuff. Real, proper Champagne. Fancy floral flutes. You’ll be in her good books. Cheers to that! 

Redbreast 12 Year Old with Project Wingman Bird Feeder

Mother’s Day is one of those times where it’s nice to see what kind of extras are on offer. Fancy glasses, special packaging and accessories can always set a gift off nicely and make it feel that bit more special. Well you don’t get much more unique than a presentation case that doubles up as a bird feeder. Perfect for someone who loves Irish whiskey, gardens, and birds. Could be a good introduction as well, if your mum likes gardening and birds, perhaps she’ll like Irish whiskey too? Or maybe she already knows the splendour of Redbreast whiskey, but could do with spending a bit more time with nature.

Mezan Jamaica XO Gift Pack with 2 x Glasses

When it comes to indie rum bottlers, Mezan is up there with my favourites, bottling up some truly exceptional expressions with unique character and style, and releasing them in a range that is accessible to all manner of adventurous rum enthusiast. The Jamaica XO is a blend of casks from Jamaica’s Monymusk and Hampden distilleries, generously aged before being re-casked and married for many years before bottling. It’s brimming with notes of plantains and buttery funk, with soft caramel and woody spice bringing splendid balance. Unadulterated, properly good rum from people who really know their stuff, that in turn, helps you become someone who really knows your stuff. Oh, and this is a gift set, so the two smart tasting glasses you see are part of the deal.

Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie – Scottish Barley

Whether your mum is a Scotch expert and you want to impress with a suitable single malt, or you’re looking for a bottle that will inspire the beginnings of a new Scotch whisky journey, The Classic Laddie from Bruichladdich is immensely satisfying. This unpeated Islay single malt is produced with 100% Scottish barley and boasts a vibrant, mineral rich character with elegant layers of honeyed malt and soft orchard fruit. 

Sazerac Straight Rye

I’ve been in a bit of a Manhattan mood recently. Never used to be into them, but I keep finding myself drawn to them on the menu of late, and rummaging through my cabinet to make some at home. Got me thinking, why not make some Mother’s Day Manhattans? They’re lovely with a square of good dark chocolate on the side. 

Chapel Down Bacchus 2019

It’s all about English wine these days, and it makes a great talking point at the table – so if you’re after a nice white to enjoy with lunch, this one from Chapel Down ought to impress. The Kent-based producer reckons that bacchus grapes are England’s answer to sauvignon blanc and we have to agree. 

Faustino Rioja Red Wine Experience Gift Pack

Why give a bottle of wine when you can give a whole wine experience?! If your mums a red wine fan then this collection of Rioja from Spain’s Faustino is bound to impress. It includes four full sized bottles spanning various vintages of the rich, full bodied red. Ideal if you’re planning to have a roast. 

VIVIR Tequila Blanco

Mother’s Day Margaritas. Need I say more? Oh OK, Mother’s Day Palomas too. We hate stereotyping drinks or assigning certain categories to certain demographics, but I do reckon there are a whole load of mums out there (and other people too) who are missing out on the marvels of agave based spirits due to preconceptions, or poor quality experiences in their formative years. That ought to stop and surely if they could just taste the wonders of a well balanced Margarita made with quality spirit they’d be fans for life? VIVIR is a great brand to bring the change. 

Kahlúa Coffee Liqueur

I think the Espresso Martini might have been my Mum’s gateway cocktail. Even people who don’t like cocktails like Espresso Martinis. Even people who don’t like coffee like Espresso Martinis. If you’ve got some decent coffee, coffee liqueur, vodka, ice, and a shaker, they’re really not hard to make, while actually looking like you put a decent bit of effort in. 

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