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The 8 Best Sparkling Water Cocktails for Bubble Fanatics

For fans of sparkling water, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to go a day without indulging in a new brand of bubbly. Shelves are now stocked with a wide variety of seltzers — from classics like Polar and Vintage to new-wave favorites such as Spindrift and Sanzo — along with spiked seltzers, artisanal sodas, and sparkling kombuchas. Here at VinePair, we’re familiar with the struggle, and keep our shelves well stocked for when the craving for bubbles strikes. One of our favorite ways to enjoy it? In a cocktail, of course.

While there are a lot of vehicles for bringing some carbonation to your cocktails — Coke, tonic, or even Champagne — none are quite as crisp and quaffable as sparkling water. Ideal for an afternoon in the sun or to mix up after a long day at work, builds that incorporate seltzer or club soda are typically simple, and offer that extra invigorating pop of energy.

We’re all just looking for a way to scratch that bubble itch. So, next time you’re searching for something fizzy to sip on, put your seltzer collection to good use and try these eight sparkling water cocktails.

Gin Rickey

The Gin Rickey was invented to help 19th-century politicians cool off after hot days on the Hill during a particularly swampy Washington, D.C., summer. The version that’s popular today includes gin, lime juice, and a good amount of club soda to keep things cool and effervescent.

Tom Collins

Similar to the Gin Rickey, the Tom Collins is a simple, straightforward mixture of gin, citrus, and soda. But this cocktail swaps out limes for lemons, and adds a bit of simple syrup for a kick of sweetness. One of the elite drinks that’s served in its own eponymous glassware, the tall Collins glass is the perfect vessel for this long, quaffable drink.

Ranch Water

Though there are many canned versions of this popular Texas tradition, this drink is exceptionally easy to make at home. While it might be tempting to serve it in a highball like many other soda drinks, we prefer enjoying Ranch Water as it was intended: right out of the Topo Chico bottle. Just pour out a few ounces of the seltzer out and replace them with tequila and fresh lime juice for a casual warm-weather drink.

Gin Fizz


Evident from its name, this cocktail is all about the fizz. The ingredients are pretty much the same as those in the Tom Collins, but this build includes a step of vigorous shaking that produces a pleasant frothy head on top of the glass.

Ramos Gin Fizz

If you’re feeling extra bubbly, try the arm-numbing Ramos Gin Fizz. It really doubles down on the airy theme, adding egg whites and cream to achieve a towering head of foam. This version of the drink also requires a strenuous, extra-long shake that helps accomplish its signature impressive appearance. There are many variations on this standard fizz if you’re looking to expand your arsenal of effervescent drinks.

Aperol Spritz

How could we talk about sparkling cocktails without evoking the beloved Spritz? The original Aperol Spritz actually has a double-boost of bubbles from both club soda and Prosecco. The two help offset the bitter and fruity Aperol to keep it balanced. There’s a reason this is the most popular drink for seaside sipping.

S&S Highball

Everybody loves the easy, two-ingredient Scotch and Soda, but this highball takes it to the next level. Dry fino sherry and a sweet splash of honey syrup add complexity to the drink, while the bubbles from the seltzer help carry their delicate aromas to the nose. A lemon or a grapefruit twist provides the perfect finishing touch.

Vodka Soda

We would be remiss not to mention the archetypal club soda drink: the humble Vodka Soda. It remains a solid go-to at college parties, grungy dives, and gay clubs for good reason: It’s simple and refreshing, and you can always count on the classic, one-two punch of liquor and soda.

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