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Five Sandwich Cookies Full of Spring Flavor

Looking for the perfect dessert edition to your Easter menu? Or just looking for a spring flavors to savor while waiting for warmer weather? These mouthwatering sandwich cookies are bound to steal the show! With luscious buttercream or tangy cream cheese frosting nestled between two soft cookies, no one will be able to resist having one…or two. 

Vanilla Strawberry Sandwich Cookies

To accentuate the sweetness of our strawberry frosting-filled sandwich cookies, we relied on a triple dose of Heilala Vanilla. Heilala Vanilla’s extract and vanilla bean paste pump up the flavor of the cookies and frosting while a final roll in Heilala Vanilla Sugar gives the cookies a satisfying, vanilla-forward crunch.

Carrot Cake Sandwich Cookies

We kept the base flavors of these tender Carrot Cake Sandwich Cookies faithful to the original, with a carrot-rich dough brimming pecans. A thick layer of Sour Cream Buttercream rounds out every bite of these Carrot Cake Sandwich Cookies with just the right amount of tang. 

Spiced Meyer Lemon Crinkle Sandwich Cookies

Boasting a double dose of Meyer lemon zest and juice, these chewy crinkle sandwich cookies are the ultimate citrusy indulgence. A touch of cardamom and ginger rounds out this crinkle sandwich cookies with sweet heat, and a tangy Cream Cheese Frosting plays up the Meyer lemon’s sweetness.

Chocolate-Cherry Browned Butter Sandwich Cookies with Whiskey Buttercream

These browned butter cookies are jam-packed with chocolate and dried tart cherries cooked in Irish whiskey, and we didn’t stop there— there’s also Irish whiskey and browned butter in the frosting. We could eat this buttercream by the spoonful.

Custard Crème Cookies

In the United Kingdom, these Custard Crème Cookies are as beloved as Oreos or Oatmeal Cream Pies are in the United States. One bite of these, and you’ll understand the fanfare. Custard powder makes the butter-rich shortbread dough even richer. We sandwiched these ornate cookies with a custard powder buttercream, driving home that custard flavor.


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